Saturday, 29 November 2008

Life Begins....

This is the big day! I am now 40!

Been a lovely day so far. DH got up with the girls and then woke me up with a nice cup of tea. I sauntered downstairs a bit later and opened my cards. He's got me a balloon ride! I am soooo excited about it. I've always fancied a go in a hot air balloon and now I can. Not until next year though as they only do it from March to September but something to look forward to for sure!

In fact 2009 is going to be a year of adventures I reckon. Got the balloon ride and the big bike trip. Padiham to Istanbul! Can hardly wait.

Girls got me the DVD of Mama Mia which is fabulous. We watched it this morning and they enjoyed it too. Although I think only because of the Abba songs and the dancing. It was a bit like question time - who;s that? What's happening now? Why is he/she/they sad/happy/ angry??? You know the kind of thing!!

Got a giant pepper pot, a Remoska (cult Czech cooking device), a yogurt maker, and some lovely Regia silk sock yarn and other knitterly goodies too. And it's only just past lunchtime.

Just dropped the girls off at my mum's and we are out for a meal tonight.

Having such a good day so far!!

Life is definitely beginning!!!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Padiham Lights Big Switch On

The title says it all really. Tonight was the switch on of the Padiham Christmas lights. For once, it was leafleted about in good time and very well attended. Some local schoolchildren sang carols on the Town Hall steps and there were loads of folk there. Pretty much everyone with children under 10 I'd say.

The girls saw lots of their pals from school and out of school club and we even spotted their teacher in the crowd.

Father Christmas was in attendance and was practically mobbed by hordes of excited kiddies.

The fireworks started when the lights went on and were spectacular this year. Even Natty enjoyed them this year. It's the first time for this as she usually gets very upset about all the noise so it was great to see her oohing and ahhing with the rest of us!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

UK Swap 3

Yay! It's on again and I'm all signed up. Just doing my bit and pimping the swap a little bit. Sign ups close on 30th November.

It was a really enjoyable swap last time around. This time there is a theme of Winter Warmers which conjures up lots of thoughts of woolly hats and mittens, hot chocolate and wonderful spicy smells.... nice.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Just another manic Monday

Just look at my poor little LandRover! I was just strapping my youngest into her car seat when a passing car caught the door, bent it and ripped off the arch trim. I guess the lady just didn't see me. Not what you need right before Christmas though as insurance claims are always a royal pain in the bum. This was so not my fault though. The other driver was either trying to squeeze past or simply didn't see me.

Parking around the school is a problem. It's a narrow country lane and there aren't many spots. I think the other driver was looking further up the road to see if there was a spot closer to the building and didn't notice us. No excuse mind you. It's not as if it's not known that people are picking up children regularly until out of school club shuts at 6. Good job it was coming from behind though as I would have got squashed if it had been the other direction.

Bit of a shocker but there you go.

No one was hurt though which is the most important thing. And you should have seen the other car. Not as robust as the Land Rover so there is a long gouge running down the passenger side and it's minus a wing mirror as well.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Hello Postie

Big shout to Modern Knitting for super efficient delivery. Ordered some new sock yarn on Thursday night and it arrived on Saturday morning. DH a bit naffed off when the doorbell rang at about 8 this morning as the parcel he had was wool for me. I was still all cosy and warm in bed at the time!!

Anyway here's the lovely goodies that arrived

Some of the Opal Harry Potter themed sock wool

Some Opal Rainforest 'Tiger' sock wool

Some Regia Surprise Color sock wool

And some lovely hand dyed Silk Wood sock wool

Baby jacket almost complete. Also started a pair of socks for my brother in law for christmas which are coming on a treat. They are done in Sirdar Town and Country sock wool which has sadly been discontinued.

Other news. Lots of lurgy about at the moment. Youngest has had 2 days off school with it but doing ok now. Big sister bit naffed off about having to go to school and not stay home too... been lots of "it's just not fair" type moaning going on.

My big birthday is fast approaching too. Can't believe that I will be 40 in a week's time. Just don't know where the last 4 decades have gone so quickly! Oh well... they say that life begins so on the whole I'm not overly bothered about it.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Nick's Bloomers

Hello all

Not much to report at the moment really. Nothing finished knittingwise since the Not Waving socks but I have started on a lovely little baby jacket, some more socks and the dishcloth/facecloths are coming along nicely. Also got some scrumptious hand made soap from Miche Wishi to go with the cloths.

The big event of the weekend has been Nick's bloomers! Must be the time of year or something but he had an urge to make bread, by hand, without the aid of a breadmaker and this is what he came up with!

Here they are fresh out of the oven!

And here's a shot of the very first slice

And here are the two thickly buttered slices that we just ate. Mmmmmm... yum yum!

You just know you want some....mmmmmm

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday

I have to confess that we had forgotten all about this and were heading off to the park when we came across the Remembrance Sunday march. So we stayed and listened to the service.

The piper was good and there was also a brass band. Glad we saw it really. Girls were thrilled to see all the soldiers and had lots of questions about it. They have poppies which they got at school this week. Will be having a 2 minute silence on Tuesday at work at 11 o'clock as well. (11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and all that)

They were lucky with the weather too because about half an hour later the skies opened and it has absolutely thrown it down since.

Have finished my Waving not Drowning socks for the UK Sockknitters Nov Kal and will wear them for work tomorrow I think.

Pretty chuffed with how they turned out. Used Chameleon Colorworks Evolution yarn in a colourway called Taos. Was a gift from my last sock wars victim. Very nice too.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bonfire Night and Bike Trips

Just got back from stitch and bitch at Sheila's woolshop and it's bonfire night. Lots of people seem to be going for it tonight and it's all foggy and smoky. Love it - it takes me back to childhood. I used to love wandering around in the dark in my wellies checking out all the local bonfires. It's just not like that anymore sadly. No self-respecting parent would let their kids wander around like we used to and the health and safety bods have insisted on making you register your bonfire (not to mention scaring the bejesus out of all of us)... sighs wistfully.

Got some sparklers for the girls which they enjoyed. Didn't get any pics this year though.

Got an admission too! I have finally succumbed to the world of dishcloth knitting! This has been brought about by the availability of Peaches & Creme here in the UK and discloths seemed the appropriate project for such a yarn of legend!!!

Actually, they will end up as facecloths with some lovely handmade soap for christmas pressies. They just about qualify for the fiver christmas pressie that applies to the adults in the family. Only those under 18 qualify for a bona fide gift. Over 18s get a pressie for no more than a fiver!

Will do some socks for one or two bods as well I think. Only cost is time as the yarn is already looking at me ruefully from the sock wool basket!

DH and I are planning a big bike trip next summer. The girls will spend a couple of weeks with the grandparents and we two and the BMW will zoom off into the sunset. This is the infamous 90th birthday trip. I'm 40 at the end of this month and DH will be 50 next year you see. Anyway after much debate we decided to do an extensive trip around Scotland including lots of island hopping which we were both happy about. Having said that, DH has been checking out the Nick Sanders site and wants a bigger adventure so things have changed. It's now a trip to Istanbul!!!

Saturday, 1 November 2008


Lots of stuff done since last time but not all photographed. Really enjoyed knitting Woollywormhead's Loopy Flapper. Lot's of sock knitting has taken place and got bumped off early on in this round of Hat Attack.

Here are a few things I finished recently

Socks for Nick. Sock yarn gifted by Knitternatternoo my lovely UK swap spoiler. Just a straightforward pair of ribbed socks. He didn't mind the pink stripe and wears them a lot

Jaywalkers. A birthday pressie for Charlotte. Good old Regia sock yarn. I was especially pleased with how these socks came out. The stripes looked really good.

Fingerless Mitts. Another birthday pressie. Used my last bit of Lorna's Laces sock yarn for these Mitt Envy mittens. The first skein became socks for the girls. The yarn was another gift from my sockapalooza pal Channon.

Socks for Samantha. Another birthday present. Opal rainforest yarn this time. Nice but not as nice as Regia. Have made some more of the above mitts for myself with the leftovers.

Sunny Sundays

Strangely we had a run of good weather on Sunday for about 4 weeks in October so here's what we did.

Week 1. A walk up Pendle Hill. Was warm enough for shorts and vesty tops. Such a change from all the vile rain there has been ALL summer long

Week 2 - a trip to the Atom. A panopticon at Wycoller. Another gloriously sunny Sunday

Love this place. It's great. You can wander around and inside it and it doesn't look out of place even though it's an odd thing to find in the countryside!

Week 3 - Rivington. Liverpool Castle a folly built by Lord Leverhulme. It's hard to conceive of having so much fortune that you can build a ruin on a whim isn't it!

Week 4 - Girls were with Grandparents as we were going to a 50th birthday bash. We spent the afternoon out on the bike which was brill! Forgot to take the camera so here's an arty photo of the bike in any case. It's a BMW K1200RS for those of you who like to know these things!


Hmm... it has been a while hasn't it. Sorry no excuse other than total apathy and a growing addiction to Ravelry!

So what's been happening?

Well went on hols to France which was great. Brittany this time in a little gite in the middle of nowhere really but good base for exploring lots of interesting places and the awesome coastline

Here's a typically impressive Breton sky.

On a boat trip to Isle de Brehat p nice quirky place that reminded us of PortMerion (the village in the Prisoner series)

Cote de Granit Rose - like Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire only by the sea and on steroids!

Intensive and extensive sandcastle construction. Tunnel being dug out!

Mont St Michel... you just got to go don't you