Sunday, 21 April 2013

What's on the needles?

Well I did take some knitting along with me on holiday, as you do, but not a massive amount of progress was made really. Too busy walking, biking and hanging out at the pub! I did manage to start a pair of socks for myself which I have now finished.
Justifiable reason for lack of holiday knitting!
Holiday socks - well kind of.
I did knit another pair for a friend's daughter but forgot to take pics.

Got a jumper for younger girl on the needles at the moment. I am actually using some stash up for it too which is a good thing. It's some pink, mottled effect aran that I have had for quite a while.  Just a little v-neck sweater but it should be handy for any cooler moments (or if we get any more snow)

Scottish Sunsets

Oh my, the sunsets were so amazing that I felt they deserved a post all to themselves so here you go...


Applecross Bay sunset
Sunset over the bay from the campsite
Sunset over Rasaay and Skye
Yet another magnificent sunset
Simply breathtaking.

Getting away from it all

Over the Easter holidays we headed north to get away from it all. 10 hours later we were on the Applecross peninsula in north west Scotland.  Remote, wild and very beautiful. Truly a world away.

We had blue skies and phenomenal views over to Skye and Rasaay. We had incredible sunsets. We had snow too. It was quite chilly at times but that didn't stop us getting out and about on foot or by bike. here's only really one road there, the famous Bealach Na Ba and is a spectacular and hair raising trip along hairpin bends through spectacular mountains.
The famous Bealach Na Ba pass
The famous Bealach Na Ba pass after overnight snow
Applecross Bay
We stayed at the Applecross Campsite in a wooden camping hut. The hut was great! It has a little heater, lights and a powerpoint which was fantastic. This meant is was lovely and toasty at night compared to a tent and we could use a kettle and toaster so super easy for snacks! I don't think it would have been too pleasant in a tent overnight - especially when it snowed.

There's not much in Applecross really. Luckily, there is a pub. The Applecross Inn is a pleasant and surprisingly bustling pub that does nice food. We were there every night. There is also the Walled Garden down the road that also does lovely food. Lots of seafood to be had including Squat Lobster which I had never heard of before. Delicious.

I fell in love with the highland cattle. They are absolutely gorgeous and the babies are unbelievably cute. Saw lots of deer as well but didn't manage to see any red squirrels or aquatic beasties while we were there.  After watching the pixar/disney film "Brave" by way of research, the girls took every available opportunity to hunt for will o' the wisps but sadly, not a one was to be found on this trip.
Highland cattle at home in the highlands - so cute
Deer checking us out in Applecross
Wonderful, mossy woods but no wisps to be found within