Friday, 30 November 2007

21 with 18 year's experience

Yes folks it was my birthday this week! Another year older and the big 40 next time...ulp. I have made a "what I am going to do to mark my 40th birthday" resolution! I want to run a marathon!

Will keep you posted on my progress!

Got some lovely cards and pressies including much longed for SOCK BLOCKERS!

Look daddy sockblockers, mummy sockblockers and baby sockblockers... I have such a lovely husband! He got them for me! Thanks!!

EZ's seamless yoke sweater

Hooray finished it!

I loathe sewing up and that is why I decided to have a go at one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's seamless sweater. What a joy! No seams... really no seams... love it. I did get a bit overexcited and probably rushed through this one a bit but on the whole it's great.

Knitted in King Cole Merino DK in pink, blue, turquoise and lilac. It's a bit of a bright combo but my little girl loves it so that's ok. Have cast on for the same thing for her little sister who likes lilac so this one will probably look a lot more tasteful!!

Ripple - Sockamania November Pattern

I really enjoyed these lacy socks. It was a bit of a challenge for me though as I am a lace knitting newbie so there was lots of cursing and frogging going on with this pair. They are knitted in Jaeger Matchmaker 4ply Merino which is lovely for socks and I like the dusky blue colour too. It really shows off the lace pattern nicely

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Tomten - another one!

Posted about this a while ago and finally got around to posting a piccie. This was originally intended for a little boy but my younger daughter has since claimed it as her own so here it is being modelled beautifully!

It was knitted in King Cole merino blend in olive green, sage green and cream. Cast on an extra 16 stitches to the original directions to make it bigger and am pretty pleased with the end result. Armholes could be a bit neater so will take a bit more care over that next time!

Saturday, 3 November 2007


Look what I won today on ebay. Some more scrumptious Natural Dye Studio sock wool. It looks almost good enough to eat. Maybe I'll knit it into a fabulous had just for me! Or, more likely, hang onto it for months and months, just getting it out now and again to fondle.

I'm beginning to think that I may need a change from socks

Sockapalooza socks - finished!

Here they are ready to be packed up and sent off to Portugal! Blimey! I am a bit of an international knitter these days.