Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mystery Crochet Hooks

Got home today to find a parcel containing 2 gorgeous knitpro symfonie crochet hooks.  Size 4mm and 5mm.


Only I have absolutely no idea how they came to arrive here.  There's no note or address or anything with them.

They could be a gift, or a prize or anything.

Thank you whoever sent them! 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Four Finish the Three Peaks

Well we have done the three Yorkshire peaks.  Whernside, Penyghent and now, Ingleborough.  It's not been all at once but it's done.

The weather didn't seem too bad so we packed lots of layers and plenty of pork pies.  After consulting my trusty Wainwright guidebook and a bit of internet research, it was decided to ascend from Clapham.  The fact that there is a truly gorgeous yarn shop there - Beckside Yarns - had nothing to do with my choice of route.  Well it might have influenced me a little bit.  It's well worth a visit if you are passing by at all!

This route is not the usual three peaks route so it meant that it wouldn't be quite as busy.  It was the May Day bank holiday weekend after all.

Unusually we decided to go and return the same way.  Not like us, we much prefer to have a circular route if possible. However, there was lots to see on this route.

Beautiful Clapham Village
From Clapham you take a path up towards the show cave.  There's a voluntary entry fee of 65p for adults and 35p for children.  Well worth it since it goes towards the upkeep of the path.  You walk through the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail which is really lovely.
Quirky little building on the path.
The weather was lovely too.  Sunny and crisp. Just right for walking. At the end of the trail you come to Ingleborough show cave.  Looks brilliant but we were pressing on.  We had a big hill to climb.

Onwards from the cave, you come to Trow Gill.  A stunning ravine created in the ice age.  Like a smaller Gordale Scar.  You have to scramble up to get out.  Huge fun
Trow Gill
Once up top there is lots of limestone pavement and then a great boggy, moorland expanse and a sweeping approach to Ingleborough.  A real contrast from all the greenery of the nature trail we passed through on the way.
The path to Ingleborough.  Looking back to see Pendle Hill in the distance.
We stopped on Little Ingleborough for some lunch before tackling the staircase footpath to the summit of Ingleborough proper. We could see some ominous cloud approaching and got wrapped up expecting some rain at any moment but we were wrong. What we got was snow!  Lots of snow.  Really big white fluffy snowflakes type of snow.  Almost a blizzard.  But there was still some sunshine around.  Very odd but sooooo much nicer than miserable rain and drizzle.

Also very hard to photograph.  If you look carefully, you can see the snow on this pic of Little Girl on the trig point.
Ingleborough summit - with the snow fizzling out
On top of the world (well on top of Yorkshire at any rate)
While we were at the summit the snow was replaced with sunshine and we headed back down.  On the way back we stopped off to have a look at Gaping Gill - the famous pot hole.  Decided to have a sit down and a snack here.  Nice and sunny at this point and almost impossible to believe we'd just had a load of snow!
Gaping Gill
Back we headed to Trow Gill.  Looking forward to the scramble down.  Some guys had set up a wire across the ravine while we had been up and down Ingleborough so we stopped to have a look at what they were up to.  We watched this chap tightrope walk across the ravine.  Only held on by a "leash". That's what he called the little cable keeping him attached. He fell a couple of times but was able to get back up again fairly easily.  Amazing!

Tightrope across Trow Gill
So high!
So doing the same route both ways was worth it.  We would have missed this event had we gone back another way.

Another grand day out!


Bluebell "carpets" are only found in the British Isles.  Did you know that?  I didn't until quite recently.
Fresh new leaves and a bluebell carpet.  Spring is here!
End of April, time to go and check out the beautiful bluebells at Spring Wood near Whalley.  I've been going ever since I can remember and will have to get a scan of a fab picture of me when I was little wading through oceans of bluebells!

There had been some really horrid rain in the days before we trundled over there so it was a bit muddy and icky in places.  Someone was bound to slip, it was simply unavoidable.  All I can say is thank heavens for modern fabrics.  Quick drying and easy to wash.
Oops... silly me! ended up sitting in the mud...sigh...
The bluebells were very spectacular this year
The annual "Bench Shot"
A little collage of "Bench Shots" over the years.

30 Days of Biking

I didn't really post about this - it's been more of a Twitter thing really but I thought I would just post a sort of summing up here as well.

30 days of biking takes place in the month of April and it's a challenge to get you to ride your bike every day for a month.  Luckily two of the weeks were the Easter school holidays so I was off work at the beginning and we had taken our bikes with us to the Lakes.  Easy start.  This will be a piece of pie I thought.

Once back home and back at work though, it was all a bit more of an effort.  Only some truly dreadful wind and torrential rain made me miss a few days.

Was it worth it?  Yes, riding a bike is a really fun thing to do and you rediscover this fairly quickly.  Will I do it again next year.  Oh yes

Here are my stats

Cycled on 27 of the 30 days (just short of 26 hours in total)

Travelled 205 miles on my bike

Burned off 11274 calories