Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Crimewave returns

You may remember that a few months ago some cheeky gits burgled us. Well it's happened again!  In a weird kind of way the thieves have sort of done us a favour. You see the oven was on it's last legs so we recently got a new one. The old one has been sitting in the back yard for about a week - we just haven't got around to taking it to the tip.  Anyhow, after the last burglary we got a webcam with motion detection and fixed it and up until today nothing of any interest ever turned up.

Well apart from this cat burglar, of course
But today, well see for yourself. Two dodgy lads came into the garden and helped themselves to the old oven.

Have contacted the police and passed the images on to them. Apparently, there has been a scrap van going around lately on account of one or two skips in the vicinity. If they'd knocked on the door when we were in we would have gladly given them the oven. Just can't believe the cheek. They've walked around the back, come into our garden and helped themselves. That is just not on! Hope they catch them and throw the book at them!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Darwen Tower

Making the most of a bit of decent weather we all decided to go for a walk to Darwen Tower.  The Tower is pretty dominant in the skyline around those parts and it kind of looks like a rocket from a distance. Thus with a vague bonfire night connection it seemed the ideal place to head for.
Darwen Tower - looking a bit dark and satanic!!
The octagonal tower is on Beacon hill and was completed in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and also to celebrate the victory of the local people for the right to access the moor. It was opened to the public on 22 September 1898.

We decided to get there via the very lovely Sunnyhurst Woods.
Sunnyhurst Woods - A lovely late Victorian/Edwardian park

We strolled through the lovely woods and then climbed up to the reservoir before heading across to the tower itself. A gloriously crisp and clear day - we could see for miles and miles. To the coast, the lake district, yorkshire dales, saddleworth moor and lots more. Lovely.

Taking a break and admiring the stunning views
Kept stopping to admire the lovely views and say hello to other walkers. Then we bumped into a couple with a pair of donkeys. They were taking the donkeys for a walk! Must have taken them quite a while as everyone they passed would stop and make a fuss of them! Us too!

Donkeys out for a walk too!
Now the girls want donkeys for pets....

Got to the tower and went up to check out the view even more. Grandparents had brought biccies and hot chocolate so we sat in the sunlight and tucked in.

A great little walk. Well worth it, if you are in the area.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Please to remember the 5th November...

Gunpowder, treason and plot.
Bonfire at Clitheroe

Due date for my stepson's baby has long gone. It was due 24th October. Must be all the fireworks but a hospital induction this weekend was narrowly averted and baby O decided to arrive on Bonfire Night (well afternoon actually but night sounds better!!). A healthy baby boy, 7lb13 and the home birth that the parents wanted. What a good do. My prediction totally wrong - I was convinced that they were having a girl.

The bonfire we were going to go to last night was postponed until tonight on account of the rain. So we had to make an emergency trip to the firework shop to pick up something to let off in the back garden as all of us girls were dreadfully disappointed. 5 reasonably decent rockets and some fountains. plus sparklers -you've got to have those. So not too bad on the night after all.

Tonight we changed our minds about the bonfire and went to Clitheroe instead of Higham as it was £10 to go to the one in Higham which is a bit steep. Just a donation of your choice in Clitheroe. Plus we met up with some friends that we haven't seen in ages so that was pretty cool too. Massive bonfire with a guy and impressive fireworks so all in all worth the trip.

Clitheroe Fireworks
There was some additional entertainment too. There is a Norman castle in Cliheroe which is floodlit at night and some cheeky young whippersnappers had discovered that if you stand in just the right spot you can cast a huge shadow on the castle wall. There were all kinds of rude shadows going on which whilst completely immature were also pretty funny.

"Look, they are dancing together again" said the girls. "So they are", said I laughing my socks off.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Half Term Happenings

Well here we are already halfway through the half term break. It's been a mixed bag weather wise. Quite chilly a couple of days ago. Chilly enough, in fact, to light the first fires of the season. Lovely, lovely coal fire.... sigh... it's so cosy and toasty. Sadly, weather has turned and it's wet and mild now so no more fire for a while. The problem with a real fire is that you can't exactly turn it down or off so you end up lounging around in shorts with all the windows open if it's not really cold enough (hmm.... does this sound like the voice of experience you all wonder. And you are right!)

Monday was a wonderfully cold and frosty but sunny day. We had a hard frost and the leaves on the trees were simply throwing themselves to the ground. Almost like some kind of leaf snow at times. Lots of crackly noises too.

Such rich autumn colours edged with frost. Gorgeous.
It was just too nice to stay indoors so we wrapped up and headed off to the park.
I really like this snakey park bench.
A carpet of leaves just begging to kicked and foraged in...

The grass in the bottom end of the park was smothered in a sumptuous golden carpet of fallen leaves. So we just had to spend ages kicking it about and foraging for late conkers.
What a result. A truly MASSIVE conker!
Lots of stuff to see at this time of year. We especially like some of the fungi you see around the trees. Haven't got a clue what sort of fungi it is but it looked lovely.We thought it could be a tiny fairy village and that each mushroom was the roof of a cosy little fairy cottage.
Clump of mushrooms or fairy village? I vote for the latter!
Then off to the river to have a quick game of  Pooh sticks. Lots of leafy mess on the steps to kick about.
Lovely, leafy messiness
Waiting for the Pooh sticks to appear.
 So that was Monday.  Lovely cold crispy day. Back home to a roaring fire and hot chocolate. Fab. Tuesday was a damp squib of a day and we lounged around until lunchtime in our PJs watching scooby-doo. Also great fun. Then we finally roused ourselves and went out to do some shopping. Made some progress on socks for me which I'll remember to photograph for you this time!

Today we went to see Despicable Me. We always go to see a film in the hols and sometimes the offerings are a bit hit and miss. Fell asleep during the Cats and Dogs movie so slim was the plot and interest. Today's choice was really good though. If you haven't seen it, you should, it's very funny and a bit moving too at times. I love the minions and want one as a pet.

Older girlie wants to go and see the Owl film that's out at the moment. In fact the Raptors were at the cinema today with some beautiful owls. There was an eagle owl, a barn owl, a couple of tawny owls and some other but I'm ashamed to say that I couldn't tell you what they are. Beautiful though.

Finished my socks!Yay! Bit too late and dark to take a picture. Tomorrow I promise.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

October Begins

Well it's finally the half term holiday. Yay! A week off to regroup, recover and get organised. Not been much in the way of blogging from me but will attempt a bit of a catch up.

What have we been up to. Well, the walking boots have been on. Only one major trip this month for all of us when we went up Pen-y-Ghent one of the three peaks of the Yorkshire Dales. Nick has been working quite a few weekends lately so we've been out with the Grandparents a couple of times and then on Nick's birthday weekend had a childfree day to go out and about on the bike. This involved a trip down to Leamington to visit my sister-in-law and the obligatory trip to Web Of Wool to pick up some lovely sock yarn for one of the swaps I'm currently doing on Ravelry. Then called in on stepson the elder to see how he's getting on. He's doing ok and due date for baby is today! Nothing doing yet though.... it's a waiting game now.

Pen-y-ghent, some say it looks like a sleeping lion.
It was a bit of slow start for the girls on this walk taken from Wainwright's "Walks in Limestone Country". But once we hit a limestone ledge they got going and had a whale of a time scrambling around and being "queen of the castle".
Who's queen?
On this walk you take a little bit of the Pennine Way and a little bit of the Three Peaks walk.
The famous Pennine Way - typical weather shown...

Reached the summit and the cloud came sweeping down. Ate our butties in the clouds with nothing much to see.  But it finally lifted and we got the obligatory summit shot.
Clouds leaving... we can see at last!
Despite lots of cloud and a bit of drizzle on the summit it was a really good day out. After all the Lake District love over the summer it was nice to rediscover the Yorkshire Dales which, while not as dramatic as the Lakes, is a truly beautiful place with a unique charm of its own. Rugged and wild and unlike anywhere else I can think of really.


Nick working the following weekend and forecast looked good. We teamed up with my mum and dad and headed up to Silverdale for a walk around Eaves Wood and the Pepperpot. The PepperPot is a quirky little tower that was built to celebrate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887 and marks the summit of Castlebarrow. At Eaves Wood the whole hillside consists largely of ancient and undisturbed woodlands. The bare limestone with its thin soil is home to lots of yew trees, while deeper soils support oak and lime trees. There is also ash, beech, birch, hazel,larch, pine, hawthorn and holly (Not to mention areas of grass and heather.) Really lovely and deserving of its AONB status. (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
Hmm... seem to have a bit of signpost obsession at the moment!
Nice viewpoint for bouncing and admiring Morecambe Bay
The Pepperpot

Not the first thing that springs to mind on a glorious late autumn sunny day but well worth a stroll along the coastal path. Also the home of Fisherman's Friends throat lozenges. Contrary to what's shown in my piccies there were lots of people about doing all kinds of things. Walking dogs, playing on the beach, flying kites, fishing, cycling, jogging, really making the most of a treat of a day weather-wise.
Looking for shell along the shoreline at Fleetwood
The views across the bay to the Lake District was gorgeous but a combination of low, strong sunshine and a dying camera battery prevented any photos of that. But honestly it was great!
Such a glorious day
We walked along the coastal path to Cleveleys and it was fabulous. Cold and crisp and so bright. The sun is so low in the sky at this time of year that at times it's almost blinding.
Low sunlight turning the girls and Sally into silhouettes
Sally really enjoyed herself walking along the sea wall. Made everyone who passed us smile too.

So you seen been up to quite a lot recently. There has also been some knitting/crochet action too. Some birthday socks for Nick and an iPod sock for a work colleague with the leftovers. There's been a couple of hats and an infinity scarf, another BSJ, some fiddlehead mittens and a pair of socks for me. Have I taken any photos. No. Doh!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Ripple Baby Blanket

This is done! Based on the Attic 24 neat ripple pattern. Intended for elder stepson's imminent offspring. They haven't found out what they are having and I don't really do neutral so here it is in all it's gaudy glory!
It's purple and lime green. I love it.... not so sure they will but hey ho!

Bike Accident

Elder stepson is currently in Wythenshawe hospital after coming off his motorbike. Broken elbow and badly damaged foot as a result. Very bad timing since first baby is due in 6 weeks. Could have been so much worse though. No other vehicles involved, no head or spinal injuries. We are thankful for that.

Will take some time to sort out though. Surgery on the day to fix the top of his foot but more needed to sort out a smashed up heel.

What a bummer.

Lost Things

Elder daughter's ability to find and proudly show off the most bizarre stuff never ceases to amaze me. On Pendle hill she found a dentist's scaling tool. Weird. Then there was the mohican-ed Barbie hairdressing head in the woods at the back of the house which was converted into a decidedly spooky scarecrow. And the animal bones, and the ripped painting, and the £10 note on the way home from school. Don't know how she does it.

Doggy Doings

Sally has been rather spoiled lately.

A dog grooming parlour opened in Padiham recently called Shampooch. Now up until now we have trimmed Sally ourselves using some dog clippers. This invariably starts off pleasantly until we get to feet, posterior and ears. Things turn a bit testy then and she always looks a bit wonky by the time we give up. So I decided to book her in for the works.  She had a wash, trip and nail clip. Brilliant.

Also treated her to a new collar from Podgy Paws in Keswick. I can't believe all the stuff you can get for your canine buddies these days. Goretex jackets, life jackets, rucksacks, walking shoes.... the list goes on. Check out their website to see some of these items being modelled!
Sally looking smart with her new hairdo and collar

These Boots Are Made For Walking

New boots taken using new camera
After all the misery of a dodgy knee it was definitely time for some new boots.  Also got some shock absorbing insoles so it was off for a hill walk to test them out.  The girls needed some new boots too so they had some trying out to do as well. In fact, as I only have teeny tiny feet I've actually got the same kids boots as them!

Off we trotted to Pendle Hill to test them out.
Pendle looking lovely, no sign of mist or witches.

In a fit of nostalgia, Nick ordered some Ron Hill Tracksters for the girls and I must say they did look the business all kitted out for our walk.  Expected a lot of whining and moaning but the boots were a huge success and were no impediment to the usual haring about that they do.
Off-road testing of new boots
Everything seems to be breaking and wearing out at once at the moment. The camera conked out at the weekend which was really annoying as the Tour of Britain cycle race passed through Padiham on Saturday and I really wanted to get some shots. It was dead exciting.  They closed the road and I think just about every single Police motorbike in the county came zooming through followed by a shedload of support vehicles and then the cyclists. Very impressive and exciting. Sadly, not a single photo could be taken to show you. Grr...

Nipped out just before the walk to get a new one. Can't live without taking pics for too long. First time I've ever had a camera with no viewfinder so that is taking a bit of getting used to but I like some of the picture 'modes ' that it has and am having oodles of fun trying them all out.

Other items to conk recently out include the iron, the washing machine, the fan part of the oven (I'm pretty sure the rest of it will go quite soon as well) and the toaster. Sigh...

End of the Holidays

Well we are all well and truly back in the routine. Girls back at school and me back at work. Sigh... it's been another fabulous summer break. If only it could always be like that. Still it gives us all something to look forward to. It will be great again I'm sure but a little different as the girls will be that bit older and independence is slowly creeping in. Got to make the most of it while I can.

Not feeling too glum though as it's only 6 weeks until the half term break.  Hooray!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Words cannot adequately describe the rare charm of Catbells, or its ravishing view. But no publicity is necessary: its mere presence in the Derwent Water scene is enough. It has a bold 'come hither' look that compels one's steps, and no suitor ever returns disappointed, but only looking back often.
Younger daughter admiring weather and view on Catbells

So says the mighty Alfred Wainwright. So undeterred by a dodgy left knee we decided to take the girls for their first lakeland fell walk.  Catbells was the perfect choice. It's gorgeous, it's not too high or hard to get up and it's mentioned in the Tale of Mrs Tiggywinkle by Beatrix Potter. Lot's of searching for the little wooden door to occupy the girls. We had such a great time. The weather was changeable but didn't spoil anything. You could actually watch the rain approaching in great hazy curtains sometimes from more than one direction.
At the summit of Catbells
I was fine going up  but coming down was not nice. Knee painful and came down in a weird Quasimodo style fashion. Realised that it was time we all got some decent walking footwear as I clearly need something to absorb the shocks coming downhill and the girl's trainers aren't really tough enough.

Love affair with the Lakes

The camping trip was brilliant. The tent was amazing and I am so in love with the Lakes at the moment.

The girls went off to Ibiza for a week with their grandparents and we went off to Hawkshead to try out the new tent. Went prepared for rain but the weather was pretty good while we were there apart from a mega rainy day on the Friday.
Enjoying a refreshing ale in Hawkshead
As you can see from the above picture - fabulous weather.
Behemoth Bivvy
Here's the tent. It's huge! I'm knitting a pair of socks by the light of our trusty old tilly lamps. Lots of the other campers passed by to have a nosey at the tent - caused quite a stir. Love it.

We'd decided to do something we haven't done before and hired a kayak to canoe around Lake Windermere. It was great fun. Once we got our act together we were really zooming along. Got absolutely wet through though as lots of water drips down the paddle. When we were done went to have a look around Bowness looking like we'd peed our pants! Stopped off at one of the little islands which will be brilliant for a picnic next time. We'll take the girls and have a whole island to ourselves. Can't wait.
Island hopping on Windermere
Took the bike with us and had a great day out riding up the Cumbrian coast. I always forget that there is a coast there as the mountains and lakes are so compelling that it simply goes out of your mind. Followed the coast from Millom to St Bees. Went past a very bleak MOD firing range and then cut across to Muncaster (added Muncaster Castle to list of places to visit) and down to Ravenglass for lunch. Arrived at the same time as a biker couple on BMWs and then some Germans (also on BMWs) parked alongside. It was like some kind of BMW convention for a moment! The couple were from Keswick and we chatted over lunch. Bumped into the lady again in Booths supermarket in Keswick a few days later!!! What are the chances of that? On to Whitehaven and a quick look at the harbour, then to St Bees which is truly lovely but way too popular with the shell suit brigade.

Next activity was a walk in the Langdales. Nick's very favourite bit of the lakes and he decided to take me up the Band to Crinkle Crags. All began very well indeed. Good weather and fabulous views.
Stickle Pike in the Langdales
Admiring the view on the Band
You can see the cloud in the first of the above photos. Got to the top of the band to find Crinkle Crags in cloud. Pressed on in the hope of it lifting. It didn't. I didn't like it. Very dismal and disorientating. Couldn't see much of anything and lost all sense of direction. Hit the bad step and didn't fancy it at all. Retraced steps to find and alternative route an ended up back at the Bad Step. Lost the plot at this point and sat down on a rock and burst into tears. Had had enough. Was told to stop being such a girl and we found our way back to the top of the Band and out of the cloud. Me snivelling all the way. At this point my knee was beginning to protest and the descent was a weepy, wailing and painful experience. To quote the Smiths.... I can laugh about it now but at the time it was terrible. Knee has been pretty dodgy since! Would I do it again.... oh yes...

Last planned event was Go Ape at Grizedale forest. Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera for that but it was brilliant. Loved the zip wires and even managed the tarzan swing at the end. With a dodgy knee too.

All in all a really fun week and can't wait to get the tent out again.  Need to seriously rethink the packing though as we filled the boot, the roofbox and the back seats with all of the camping gear. Not sure how we'll fit the kids in as well......

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tent Fever

I posted earlier about our week in the Lakes staying in my parents' caravan.  It was great for a few days but there are some real annoyances with staying in a caravan.  While every bit of space is put to use in an efficient and useful way, this leaves very little room to actually live and you spend your whole time inside shuffling around each other awkwardly. Throw in a couple of boisterous kids and it's all a bit of a squash and a squeeze and causes any number of frayed tempers. It's also really hard work constructing and deconstructing beds every night. By necessity, meaning the lack of aforementioned space, it's a one-person job but it's really hard work and fiddly to do.

This led to thoughts of camping and the tent that we already have. We'd lent it to Nick's son who brought it with them when they came to stay for a couple of days where it was masquerading as a caravan awning. Loads more room to move around in there.

The only real advantage of a caravan over a tent is security (because, of course, you can't really lock a tent) and all the gadgets you can therefore have with you (ipad, tv, games consoles and chargers, etc etc). But then surely the whole point of that kind of holiday is to go off grid and really get away from it all.

Our poor old tent is looking a bit the worse for wear after 8 years so it's time to upgrade. Went looking at a couple of places that have tent displays, fell in love and bought this behemoth of a bivouac.

It's a Gelert Corvus Beyond 6+2 tent. That's right, it's an 8 man tent. It's enormous. It has a carpet. It's got windows. It's bigger than some peoples houses.

The girls are off for a weeks holiday in Ibiza with their grandparents and we are going back to the Lake District to try out the tent. Can't wait.  Might take the whole week to put it up. Soooo excited!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Meteors and Mars

For the last few nights I've noticed a very bright light in the sky at around 12.30-ish at night. The first time I saw it I thought it was the police helicopter so didn't think anymore about it. Saw it again the night after and thought it was a bit odd that the helicopter should be in the same place at around the same time 2 nights running. On the third night I watched for a while and it wasn't moving and so couldn't really be the police helicopter.

The answer came from a very surprising source. There's a free magazine in the area called the Padiham Herald. It's a mixture of local business advertising and lots of silly articles, dubious jokes and columns. Columnists include the News From the Hardware Shop and the Grumpy Old Git. I love it and always enjoy reading it when it pops through the letterbox. Actually here's a link to the Hardware Shop. I love this shop it's an Aladdin's cave of stuff. You can get anything from a single nail to a mason cash mixing bowl. It's great. Plus they have a lovely shop dog called Ken!  Oops, I digress somewhat from the main topic, sorry I'll get right back on track straightaway. Anyhow, there was an article in the latest copy that said that Mars is apparantly the closest it's ever been to Earth at the moment and is therefore the brightest object in the night sky other than the moon at the moment. Now I know what I've been seeing these past few nights.

Of course, I did some further research and there is also the Perseids meteor shower over the next couple of nights. We did see a couple of shooting stars on Monday night as it was a nice clear night. Utterly crap and dismal day but lovely clear night. Will have a look outside later to see if there are any more to be seen.

Knitting Angst

There are a few perennial things that are really driving me nuts at the moment.
  1. STRIPES  Grr....  All those bloomin' ends and I can never ever do a good job of disguising them. So frustrating. Just in the process of knitting a cardigan for Natasha and will have to pull it all back as it's a hideous mess at the ends of the rows and looks horrendous.  That's it no more stripes... ever... and that's a promise!
  2. SEAMS  Hate them... they always look terrible and I have actually thrown a garment away in frustration on account of hopeless seaming. Also impossible to unpick seaming....grrr. Well my seams anyway.
  3. STAMINA I'm just not good at finishing things off (e.g. baby jacket finally finished when intended recipient was 18 months old and way too big for it) Just can't help myself starting something else before completing the current project.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tea Cosy

There wasn't much opportunity for knitting while at the caravan but I have since finished off my tea cosy. It's TeabytheSea's pattern which can be found here. Great pattern.

I knitted it in King Cole Merino Blend DK which was lovely to work with and made a really lusciously cosy cosy.  It was for a friend who has just moved house and we tested it out when I gave it to her. I am proud to report that it kept the tea absolutely toasty warm.  Very pleased with how it worked out and am planning more for pressies at christmas.

Home Grown Produce

Got some free seeds from the BBC earlier this year and here's our first success! Carrots. Lovely little carrots... aren't they lovely.  Tasted good too!

Padiham Duck Race

Got back from the lakes in time for the annual Padiham Duck Race. It's such fun.  You pick a duck for a pound and then they are all thrown off a bridge on a river and race downstream to the weir.  Everyone follows their progress and it's always an exciting finish.

And they're off! The Duck Race begins.
Excitement mounting as the ducks pass under the bridge.

Didn't win anything. Maybe next time.

Terror in Simonstone

How could I forget to post about this shocker!

Police Hunt Armed Man in Simonstone

Last week of school, was dropping girls off as usual and noticed the road I usually use on the way to work blocked by a policeman. Assumed it was a traffic accident and carried on as usual. Another parent came rushing up to me as I was getting girls out of car and told me that there was an armed man on the loose in the area and that the school was in "lock-down". Sure enough all the children were being escorted straight into school and there were police patrolling around.

Turned out to be over cautious but in the light of Derrick Bird and Raoul Moat I suppose no-one is taking any chances these days.

Fortunately, it was all over by lunchtime but a worrying morning at first.

Summer Hols Week 1

Aged parents kindly towed their caravan up to the South Lakes for us and we spent a few days getting away from it all.  The weather was mostly kind to us and we didn't have too much rain.

Caravan life is not really for us.  Poor Nick kept banging his head on things as he's rather tall and it's a real pain forever putting beds up and down. However, we were inspired to get out about a bit more and have upgraded our tent.  But more about that in a future post.

Here's Milly Molly Mazda looking very at home and outdoorsy in the lovely woody caravan site. Top box fitted the roof bars so we managed to take all our stuff too.

So what did we get up to.  Well, we took the boat all around Lake Windermere and encountered many different weather systems throughout the day.  Watched the heavy rain that drenched us in Bowness rolling down over the mountains and then an hour later it was sunny again!

Oh well.  I do now possess a rather fetching floral waterproof poncho. Makes me look like a walking tent but I was oh so much drier! All in all a very fun day and a really good way to get around Bowness, Ambleside and the lake in general.
On board - a fairly sunny moment!
We were joined for a couple of days by Nick's son, girlfriend and the boys. That was 8 of us and only a 5 berth caravan. This called for some innovative thinking. There is a teeny tiny porch awning but it became clear that this simply wouldn't be big enough. So They brought our tent along (which they had borrowed) and voila - a caravan awning extension was born.... well more of an annexe really.  Anyhow, it meant we could all stay.  Us and kids in the caravan and the other two in the tent.  Oh and a couple of visiting hedgehogs.  They arrived in the awning on the first night to nab some of the dog's food and came back every night. Very snuffly and noisy but also very cute!

Lots of great little walks around the caravan site.  We needed some supplies so we decided to walk to the farmshop at Sizergh barn.  A lovely stroll through the woods and some fields. Lots of gorgeous wild flowers and some interesting road signs!
Off to the Sizergh Barn
The unusual road sign - lots of looking but nothing spotted!
Got our supplies and ate like kings.  All of the following day to look forward to. A day out in Grizedale Forest.
I just love Grizedale forest. There's so much to do. You can walk, cycle, check out the wood sculptures, and swing from the trees at Go Ape. We packed a picnic, picked an interesting path and finished up on the cairn picnic-ing on the top of the crag with the most spectacular view of Morecambe Bay and the Cumbrian mountains. There were also lots of whinberries growing up there and lots of purple faced children!

Nature highlight of the day was the awesome dragonfly spotted on the way up by elder daughter.
We had a really good time.