Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sport Relief Mile

Well we turned up on the right day and did it this afternoon.

And they're off!

Running with Natasha

Running with Bronia

Triumphant and with goodie bags and medals!

Raised over £250 for Sports Relief. We are very chuffed.


We all got ready, were prepared to brave the rain and do the sport relief mile.  Got to the meeting point and there was not a soul to be seen. Strange we thought. Maybe this isn't the place.  Went to the other possible place. Still no-one in sight.

 Finally checked the letter and realised it was the wrong day!

How silly do I feel?

Still, on the bright side it's lovely and sunny today.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dead Woman's Wool

It would seem that my reputation as a knitter is undisputable. Recently two people have passed on the knitting paraphernalia of deceased relatives.  While I'm always happy to get free stuff it's still a bit weird!

From one of the departed knitters, got a full set of crochet hooks, oodles of knitting needles, a nice knitting bag, a great vintage knitting book and some yarn.  I especially like the green, pure wool that I can't find any information about. I think it's double knitting weight and there are 3 skeins weighing roughly 1 kg. Enough to knit a garment I'm hoping. But what??? I can't help wondering what she bought it for - the relative knows nothing of course. I'm thinking cardie, delicate cables.... just can't find the "right" pattern at the moment.

From the other one mostly acrylic baby yarn. Which I didn't have the heart to refuse as the relative clearly though I would be delighted with it! In the event, it has proved useful as a group of us have started meeting up in the canteen on Mondays to crochet.  Naturally, lots of Hooker comments have ensued. The acrylic has been handy to give away to all of the novice crocheters to practice with! Yay!

Also got a herdwick wool crochet bag kit in amongst it all.

Still no sign of any daffodils. (Am I becoming just a tad obsessive about this I wonder...) The grass at work has had the first cut of the year so it smelt wonderful today. Just love the smell of freshly cut grass.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Where are all the daffodils?

There are still lots of lovely snowdrops and quite a few crocuses around but no sign of the daffodils. Apparently, you can tweet the tourism bods in the lake district if you see any as they are a bit worried about them. Wordsworth, host of golden daffodils and all that.

It was Mother's Day on Sunday and the girls had made some lovely cards at school. They'd painted some lovely daffodils on the front (hmm... there's a bit of a theme here don't you think!). Got some lovely plants which I really must try to keep alive longer than I normally manage.  There were some hand written cards wishing me a lovely "moth's" day.

The fields around here are full of cute lambs so spring is definitely on the way. But not, it would seem, the daffodils!

Maybe I should check out Ravelry for some patterns that feature daffodils