Tuesday, 29 June 2010

CSI Padiham & DWW

Despite the fact that the burglar will probably never be brought to task and we'll probably never get our stuff back I have to say that I am very impressed with the police. We rang them and they said someone would call within the hour which they did. And then at teatime today the CSI chaps came to get some forensic evidence.

They found a footprint and reckon that the thief definitely got in via the window. He must have stood on the window sill and put one leg through the window (it's quite a big window) and leaned down to grab the Wii. Probably only took a couple of minutes.

Still pissed off though.

Got my third lot of DWW today (that's dead woman's wool). A colleague at work sadly just lost his mum and brought me some of her old knitting stuff. Typical acrylic type yarn although some of it isn't too bad and will definitely crochet up into something. However, there were some awesome vintage patterns including a copy of the classic Baldwin and Patons Woolcraft. It's ace. There are lots of interesting patterns from baby things to women's knickers! I love it. I have decided to work my way through it and so have set up a new blog to chart my progress on this undertaking http://woolcraft.wordpress.com. Don't dash over there just yet though as there's nothing to see at the moment. Got a load of emergency school gala knitting and scarecrow making to finish first.  It will be just the woolcraft stuff on there, all my usual wittering will still be here!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Theiving Bastards

I can't believe it. Someone has stolen the Wii. Tonight. While we were in. Left the window open. We think they must have reached in through the window and taken it.  I can't believe the bare faced cheek. The dog didn't even notice. Some guard dog she is!

Lovely Parcels

What a day I've had for getting lovely stuff. Be warned there will be a LOT of gushing in this post

Got to work to find choccies and a thank you note from a colleague for getting her through her ECDL. Really nice of her considering it's my job to do just that! It's great to be appreciated though.

Then postie had been and I had to go and collect a couple of parcels from some swaps I've been doing lately.

Firstly, the Baktus exchange. A fantastic scarf in some lovely Violet Green sock yarn in awesome colours. I absolutely love it and am half hoping for a return to frosty weather just so I can wear it. But there was more.

A pair of socks - also done in super funky Violet green yarn. I love getting socks. I knit them all the time but not so often just for me so it's a real treat to get a pair made just for me by someone else. They are just the right size and not too long which is perfect for my short little legs! And finally, there were some mitts. Big and there was no need for an apology as they are just right for Nick and he really likes them. Many thanks to Angrymum aka Heidi for all the time and effort that must have gone into her parcel. I am so spoiled.
Just check out this bodacious Baktus scarf!
 And I so love these socks! Didn't realise how tricky it was to take photos of your own feet though! I am just so shaky!

Also got my UK Swap parcel courtesy of greenpixey aka Ewa. Another complete and utter spoiling. She really went with my current crochet obsession and I have a selection of Stylecraft and Rico yarns to play with in fabulous colours. There was also some soft touch crochet hooks (no more achey wrists for me dear readers!), sweeties, a fab felt purse and some cute crochet critters that the girls have spirited away immediately. Also some scented loveliness in there too.

Right. I think I need to go and have a lie down now!


OMG it was awesome. I'm still speechless. Loved it. Amazed by the creativity and fabulousness of the yarn, dyeing, spinning, felting, clothing, objects, all of it. Definitely going again next year!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Father's Day

What a glorious day it was too. There was a Classic Bike show at Gawthorpe Hall - good bit of planning to have it on Father's Day as it's hard to refuse to go on that day!  Very well organised though, there's an ice-cream van, the National Trust tea room is open, there's a children's entertainer and the glorious hall to admire. A grand day out.
Gawthorpe Hall is a fabulous Jacobean house that is just on the edge of Padiham. It's really lovely. There's an amazing textile collection there too which is well worth a visit if you are ever in the vicinity. Some say it's the model for Thornfield Hall in Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre". You could imagine poor old bonkers Bertha locked up in the Attic here couldn't you! And of course, there's the classic bike show on Father's Day too!
We really enjoyed ourselves. Lots of standing around and admiring bikes by DH and my dad. I quite like seeing all the bikes around the old hall - really strange mix. And the chap in the full vintage gear was quite a character. Love the outfit! And the socks!!

There was face painting and an entertainer for the children so everyone had a good time. Looking forward to doing it all again next Father's Day.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

June is Busting Out All Over

Oh it's been a lovely month so far. Not as hot as it was at the end of May but some gorgeous days and lots of lovely things coming out in the garden at the moment.

I am loving my roses this year. The yellow ones are looking especially delightful.
Also very pleased with my window box this year. It makes me smile every time I look at it either from the inside or out in the garden.
Also got some fabulous rhododendron flowers at the moment but I think they may be later than usual on account of the cold winter we had - I'm sure they are normally out April/May time.
There's also the promise of treats to come as the bramble/blackberry flowers are also out. This will involve lots of berry picking by the girls but not so much brought home. Purple faces and stains that will never leave clothing will be the order of the day in a few weeks time. The flowers look so pretty though.
Oh and I mustn't forget the cheerful stripy petunias. They're great. So in your face and improbable looking. Like someone has been colouring them in.
The upshot of all of this loveliness has been the start of a new project. (hopes you won't notice a distinct lack of finishing of other recent projects at this point.....) Couldn't resist joining in with the Granny Stripe Blanket hookalong that's going on at the moment so here is my version so far. Got a load of Stylecraft Special DK from the knitting stall on Leyland Market. Run by a very patient lady who was most obliging when I asked her to get lots of different colours out so I could look at them all side by side to find the shades I was after. Lovely lady. Highly recommend a look at her stall if you are ever in the area.
I am really enjoying this blanket. The colours are working out beautifully and it reminds me a little bit of all the lovely flowers that are really zinging in the garden at the moment. Every row I add is making me smile. What a fun project.

Friday, 11 June 2010

History Lesson

Conversation on the way home from school...

Dad - So what did you learn at school today?
Younger daughter - we did history.
Dad - Who did you learn about?
Younger daughter - erm... I think it was someone called concreter.
Dad - (after pausing for a few moments) Was he called William?
Younger daughter - Yes, that's it. William the Concreter!
Elder daughter - Don't be daft. It's William the Conker!

Been making me laugh for days!

Friday, 4 June 2010

The Boys Are Back In Town

Well we've just had a fun couple of days with H & O visiting for a couple of days. They were last here in February so their arrival was much anticipated and all the kids on the street turned up for a nosey at the girls' nephews. It was rather sweet.

So what did we do? Firstly a walk in the early evening. No chance of a runaround on the cricket pitch as there was a match on. Then on the first full day - a trip to the beach at St Anne's. It's on the edge of a river estuary so the tide goes out for miles and miles which means a huge expanse of beach to play on and build awesome sandcastles.

We set up camp quite a way out on the sand next to a funny little pier that is all on it's own in the middle of the beach. There's usually some water left underneath which is just what you need for the sandcastle moat.  We took a picnic and set up the beach tent. Yummy.
I'm not entirely sure what this lonesome bit of pier is for but it's strangely beautiful. Form or function? I couldn't honestly say. Looks so interesting though. On with the beachcombing because you have to find fabulous stuff to decorate your castle with. And there was lots to find. Loads of razor shells, mussel shells, cockle shells, interesting bits of driftwood, mermaids' purses, bits of seaweed, crabs .... allsorts if you take the time to look.
Then stand back and admire your work.
In the end there were two castles and a couple of rockpools. Lots and lots of digging was involved. We were all extremely busy! Time for a play on the bouncy slide followed by an ice-cream.
We were all hot and tired but had a really great time. The weather was fabulous and silly old me forgot the sunscreen so am a bit of a lobster.... ouch!

Today we were all a bit whacked out so we decided on a little trip to the park. Had fun on the playground and just larking about.
Needed to pick up some supplies - how can 4 small children devour over 2 pints of milk and a bowlful of fruit before 9 o'clock in the morning? Passed the skate ramp and had to stop for some urgent sliding!
Fun, if a little hot on little bottoms! As you can see another glorious day today. We were all hot and flustered so it was definitely time to dig out the paddling pool. The one I bought on a whim a couple of weeks ago that is a bit bigger than I thought. Blimey, it doesn't half take some blowing up. However, Nick came up with a brilliant way to get around the endless pumping. We have a Kirby vacuum that was a real ebay bargain and it blows air as well as sucks. This blew up the pool in no time. Hooray! Virtually effort free! Also very good for unblocking drains we've found!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rain rain go away!

Hmm... a very drizzly start to the month. Oh well definitely a cinema kind of day. So off we went. Saw Shrek Forever After in 3D. First 3D film I've been to since it came back into fashion and I have to say I was impressed! It was also a return to form for the Shrek movies and we laughed our heads off all the way through.  There was a bit of a green cast to the film which I got used to after a while and thought was something to do with the 3D. Turns out it was a fault so we got some free tickets to use for any film at any time! What a good do. A free trip to the cinema!!!

It's half term at the moment so I'm off work and at home with the kids. I just love my term time hours! Got stepson the younger's boys coming to stay for a couple of days at the end of the week which we are all looking forward to. Little boy next door especially as he's always outnumbered by the girls! Should be lots of fun. Will be quite restful going back to work!

Nipped to Clitheroe in the afternoon to get some fabulous coffee from The Exchange Coffee Company. You may have seen their Caffeine Rush vans at various locations. Anyhow got some "Clitheroe Blend" for a swap I'm doing and some Indian Monsoon Malabar for us. The house smells fantastic at the moment.

Also wanted to visit the Witches Galore shop in Newchurch-in-Pendle but got hopelessly lost and ended up back in Clitheroe without knowing quite how that happened. The girls thought it was hilarious (especially as I got lost on the way to McDonalds earlier in the day) and I am now referred to as "Mummy Lost Pants".