Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Fight fight fight fight

Oops I did it again! Lost my temper a bit and had a bit of a do with some parents in the playground when I went to pick Natasha up from school yesterday.

The school has sent out letters telling people NOT to bring dogs into the school grounds. Apparantly, this does not apply to some people who decided to turn up with their staffy mix dog wandering around as usual - no lead or anything just wandering around. Well.. I just lost it and felt compelled to pass comment about this despite the little voices in my head shouting " NO! say nothing these people look a bit rough and scary". But of course I carried on regardless and a bit of a row ensued.

I have no doubt achieved absolutely nothing and if the school act on the situation, it will seem to have all come directly from me as far as they are concerned... Bummer!

Will have to hide around the corner when picking her up in future!

Oh dear

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