Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Unfinished Objects

OMG I really must get my act together. I have quite a few UFOs on the go at the moment.

There's a crocheted cardigan for me (from one of the Rowan Mags in Kid Classic), a cardigan for the girls (last sleeve to finish), several pairs of socks, a knitted bag, and I'm sure there are others that have escaped my memory at this moment in time.

I am therefore vowing not to start any more projects until I have finished at least one of the above! (Yeah right!!!!)

Other news... there is going to be some strike action in the world of local government so that's a couple of unpaid days to come...and at holiday time too. Ah well... you never know we might get a pay rise that at least matches the inflation rate. Probably not though, or a revised offer for more than a year which looks good but is actually pants.

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