Thursday, 28 August 2008

UK Swap Question of the Week #7

Do you prefer to watch films at home or at the cinema?

Prefer the cinema but tend to watch at home mostly these days

What is the last film you saw?
A french film with Jean Reno on French telly while I was on hols - was quite funny.

Have you seen any films more than 10 times? If so which ones and why.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Blues Brothers, Some Like It Hot because I never get tired of the humour in any of them.

What film do you recommend that people should see?

Some Like It Hot. A timeless classic and worth it for all of the double entendre in the train scenes! Still funny after all this time.

If you could be any character from a film who would it be?

Amelie - love her quirky whisicalness

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