Sunday, 28 February 2010

Almost spring

Well it's only 3 weeks until it's officially spring. So far the weather has been distinctly chilly.  Bit more snow last week - not very long-lived - and only one or two days with the promise of warmer weather to come. There seem to be lots of snowdrops this year and I've seen the odd crocus here and there. Daffs still have a long way to go yet though.

Half term came and went. All too quickly really. Managed to do a few things though including a trip to Manchester museum to look at the tyrannosaurus rex they have there. The boys came to stay again so we nipped out to feed the ducks and, by popular request, went to the cricket ground so everyone could slide down the steps at the pavillion.

Raaar! Scary T-Rex!

The swans were out when we went to feed the ducks. Beautiful.

The endless pleasure of sliding down the steps at the cricket pavillion!

Back to work and it's definitely getting lighter at night. Will soon be properly light when I come home from work. Starting later and finishing later nowadays. Looking forward to driving home in the daylight again.

Girls have been walking home from school some nights with DH. They have discovered a "swinging tree" and a "dead tree" in a field just off the road which they insisted I came to see. So today we went out for a walk to have a look at them.

The "Dead Tree". Looks quite ominous when you see it as it's slightly uphill when you go into the field and looks very stark. The girls love mooching around it though! They are not at all spooked by it.


The "Swinging Tree". There's a branch hanging off which is just the right height for the girls to sit on and bounce about on!

Nice group shot. Me taking the pics for a change! (Well as you can see DH has a camera too so it's more a case of me remembering to take my own camera too) Purple hat knitted for me but a bit tight so now Natty's. Bron's hat was crocheted for a baby and she insisted on wearing it even though it's a tad small. Would like to claim DH's jacket as my own work but sadly it's the work of Tog 24. You may never have known were it not for Jeremy Clarkson wearing the very same jacket on a recent episode of Top Gear.... sigh....

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Channon said...

I'm ready for spring, but I hear we get more snow tomorrow or Wednesday.