Monday, 15 March 2010

Where are all the daffodils?

There are still lots of lovely snowdrops and quite a few crocuses around but no sign of the daffodils. Apparently, you can tweet the tourism bods in the lake district if you see any as they are a bit worried about them. Wordsworth, host of golden daffodils and all that.

It was Mother's Day on Sunday and the girls had made some lovely cards at school. They'd painted some lovely daffodils on the front (hmm... there's a bit of a theme here don't you think!). Got some lovely plants which I really must try to keep alive longer than I normally manage.  There were some hand written cards wishing me a lovely "moth's" day.

The fields around here are full of cute lambs so spring is definitely on the way. But not, it would seem, the daffodils!

Maybe I should check out Ravelry for some patterns that feature daffodils

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