Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Knitting Angst

There are a few perennial things that are really driving me nuts at the moment.
  1. STRIPES  Grr....  All those bloomin' ends and I can never ever do a good job of disguising them. So frustrating. Just in the process of knitting a cardigan for Natasha and will have to pull it all back as it's a hideous mess at the ends of the rows and looks horrendous.  That's it no more stripes... ever... and that's a promise!
  2. SEAMS  Hate them... they always look terrible and I have actually thrown a garment away in frustration on account of hopeless seaming. Also impossible to unpick seaming....grrr. Well my seams anyway.
  3. STAMINA I'm just not good at finishing things off (e.g. baby jacket finally finished when intended recipient was 18 months old and way too big for it) Just can't help myself starting something else before completing the current project.