Sunday, 24 October 2010

October Begins

Well it's finally the half term holiday. Yay! A week off to regroup, recover and get organised. Not been much in the way of blogging from me but will attempt a bit of a catch up.

What have we been up to. Well, the walking boots have been on. Only one major trip this month for all of us when we went up Pen-y-Ghent one of the three peaks of the Yorkshire Dales. Nick has been working quite a few weekends lately so we've been out with the Grandparents a couple of times and then on Nick's birthday weekend had a childfree day to go out and about on the bike. This involved a trip down to Leamington to visit my sister-in-law and the obligatory trip to Web Of Wool to pick up some lovely sock yarn for one of the swaps I'm currently doing on Ravelry. Then called in on stepson the elder to see how he's getting on. He's doing ok and due date for baby is today! Nothing doing yet though.... it's a waiting game now.

Pen-y-ghent, some say it looks like a sleeping lion.
It was a bit of slow start for the girls on this walk taken from Wainwright's "Walks in Limestone Country". But once we hit a limestone ledge they got going and had a whale of a time scrambling around and being "queen of the castle".
Who's queen?
On this walk you take a little bit of the Pennine Way and a little bit of the Three Peaks walk.
The famous Pennine Way - typical weather shown...

Reached the summit and the cloud came sweeping down. Ate our butties in the clouds with nothing much to see.  But it finally lifted and we got the obligatory summit shot.
Clouds leaving... we can see at last!
Despite lots of cloud and a bit of drizzle on the summit it was a really good day out. After all the Lake District love over the summer it was nice to rediscover the Yorkshire Dales which, while not as dramatic as the Lakes, is a truly beautiful place with a unique charm of its own. Rugged and wild and unlike anywhere else I can think of really.


Nick working the following weekend and forecast looked good. We teamed up with my mum and dad and headed up to Silverdale for a walk around Eaves Wood and the Pepperpot. The PepperPot is a quirky little tower that was built to celebrate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887 and marks the summit of Castlebarrow. At Eaves Wood the whole hillside consists largely of ancient and undisturbed woodlands. The bare limestone with its thin soil is home to lots of yew trees, while deeper soils support oak and lime trees. There is also ash, beech, birch, hazel,larch, pine, hawthorn and holly (Not to mention areas of grass and heather.) Really lovely and deserving of its AONB status. (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
Hmm... seem to have a bit of signpost obsession at the moment!
Nice viewpoint for bouncing and admiring Morecambe Bay
The Pepperpot

Not the first thing that springs to mind on a glorious late autumn sunny day but well worth a stroll along the coastal path. Also the home of Fisherman's Friends throat lozenges. Contrary to what's shown in my piccies there were lots of people about doing all kinds of things. Walking dogs, playing on the beach, flying kites, fishing, cycling, jogging, really making the most of a treat of a day weather-wise.
Looking for shell along the shoreline at Fleetwood
The views across the bay to the Lake District was gorgeous but a combination of low, strong sunshine and a dying camera battery prevented any photos of that. But honestly it was great!
Such a glorious day
We walked along the coastal path to Cleveleys and it was fabulous. Cold and crisp and so bright. The sun is so low in the sky at this time of year that at times it's almost blinding.
Low sunlight turning the girls and Sally into silhouettes
Sally really enjoyed herself walking along the sea wall. Made everyone who passed us smile too.

So you seen been up to quite a lot recently. There has also been some knitting/crochet action too. Some birthday socks for Nick and an iPod sock for a work colleague with the leftovers. There's been a couple of hats and an infinity scarf, another BSJ, some fiddlehead mittens and a pair of socks for me. Have I taken any photos. No. Doh!


JuicyFig said...

Oooh, you have been to all my favorite places! I LOVE silverdale more than anywhere else I have ever been, and spent many hours as a child trying to get lost in eaves wood - but always getting to the pepper pot, we used to camp at Holgates before it became too expensive!


scarletti said...

I love your photos. Looks like you've had an amazing time.

Oh makes me miss the hills...used to spend much of my childhood holidays tramping up and down them. Now I have a risky 25m above sea level to negotiate... my Smalls think these are hills: need to pack them up in the car and show them real ones soon methinks!

Enjoy the rest of your half term :)