Saturday, 15 January 2011

Finished Objects! Yes...Really!!

Well, amazingly there has also been lots of knitting/crochet action of late. The usual mad rush of finishing off Christmas knitting. No photos though but there was; socks for Dad, hat and mittens for mum and crochet mitts for my sister-in-law.

Was feeling rotten over the holidays and the only thing I could be bothered to do was crochet.  So that's what I did. I used up some Sirdar Denim Ultra that's been lying around for I think 4 years. Originally it was meant to end up as an aran jummper but is now a gigantic granny square instead. It was all I could manage when I was under the weather.  Quite pleased with it though.  Did an edging which makes it look a bit more finished off.

 I love its simplicity and it gave me an enormous sense of well being to complete it when I was feeling so lethargic and rubbish!

There have also been socks.  2 pairs for friends of the girls.  Nice and bright socks.
A pair of garter rib socks done using a Zauberball, colourway Tropical Fish I think. Lovely and bright - if they weren't a tad small I'd keep them for myself!
 More kids' socks. Plain stocking stitch this time done in Opal Surprise.  Again lovely bright colours. Love them.

In progress are the above beauties. Pattern is Nemesis and they are done in some fabulous EasyKnits bamboo/merino sock yarn that I got in the UK Knits Winter Warmers swap just before Christmas.  Slurrrppp!  These are for a swap I'm doing and I will have a hard time letting go of them I can tell you... sigh...

So there you go, a crochet blanket and 2 1/2 pairs of socks so far this year.  Pretty productive n'est pas?


Ruth@VS said...

I love those socks - so colourful! Do you like Zauberball? I only used it for the first time recently and really like it, think it will make good hard-wearing socks.

Machelle said...

Awesome colors and I absolutely love the blog!