Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Half Term Begins

Well it's half term at last.  There are a couple of those pesky 'inset' days tacked onto the beginning and end and despite working term time now I still don't have quite enough days off to cover those as well.

Friday inset day the girls were home with daddy and nipped out for a bit of a walk.  Barbie 1 and Barbie 2 just simply absolutely definintely had to go along too and were happy to pose for a couple of glam outdoor shots.
Barbie 1 and Barbie 2 proving that outdoor activies can be glam!
As usual, older girlie managed to find something interesting. And many fables were invented and elaborated upon concerning the 'death skull'.
Weather hasn't been too good over the weekend so there hasn't been a great deal going on really.

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