Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I want to ride my bicycle...

In a slight moment of madness, I bought myself a bicycle. I thought as I've done so well with giving up smoking I deserved a treat. Also I think it is probably wise to get a bit more active as giving up the fags often goes hand in hand with an expanding waistline. Sigh...

The initial idea was to look out for something cheap and cheerful. Nick got a bike for £50 from our next door neighbour and has been using it to get to work. I was hoping to greet something similar.. However, it looks like Nick got a bit of a mega-bargain. The nice man at the local bike shop had nothing in second hand that was suitable for me and then it happened. One of those almost heavenly moments. There at the back of the shop was my dream bike, the definite one for me, and I had to have it.

May I proudly present to you, the Duchess.
 Isn't she lovely? Like something out of  Miss Marple. I love the vintage looks.  I love the large, comfortable saddle and handle grips. I love the covered chain (means I can cycle in any gear and not get caught in the oily chain!) and I especially love the basket on the front.  It's great!

 As the weather has been so great lately, I've been out and about quite a lot on my bike.  We live quite close to the Leeds Liverpool canal and there are lots of cycling routes around and about here. There's the Padiham Greenway which is a section of disused railway that has been revamped and resurfed. It's now a fab place to walk or cycle.  It runs from the local park up to rosegrove.  At the end of the track you can get onto the canal and head towards Burnley or Blackburn.  Really great.  Nick has a virtually road free ride to work.  Sadly cycling to work isn't really a possibility for me.  Too far (22 miles unlike Nick's 4). Oh well.... Just have to keep nipping out when I can.

Took the camera with me last night and took some pics
Blossom in the park is stunning at the moment. It has been a particulary good year for the blossom so far. Perhaps because it hasn't been too windy or rainy lately.  It's all so sumptuous and lovely.
Swing bridge on the canal. Somewhere between Altham and Huncoat.
These two gave me a cheery wave as they passed.  Must confess they were probably travelling along faster that me at that point!!

The Padiham turnoff near the farm shop.  Carried on a bit further though to get onto the Padiham greenway.
Disused building in the middle of nowhere by the canal.
A sheep wondering what I was up to!
And another derelict building.

Just loving the cycling at the moment.  Lots of interesting things to see, people to chat to and a different view of familar landscapes. It's great.  I have a big smile on my face when I'm out and about.

Wisdom of the day.  In the evenings, try not to cycle with your mouth open.  You will end up eating a whole ecosystem if you do! This is the voice of recent experience!!!

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Laal Bear said...

Love the bike . It's very You :0)