Friday, 9 September 2011

Got my mojo working

Finally, after months of inertia, my knitting mojo is back! Lots of things going on to tell you about.

Firstly the never ending socks.  Must take a picture (forgot when I got the camera out during a brief break in all the miserable rain we've had lately). They are in Rico bamboo and are nice.  Just been going on forever.  At least I've finally got past the heel of sock 2.  Started them back in July so really need to pull my finger out!

Then there is the hoodie cardigan for baby O.  Sadly the lovely orangey offering a few months ago was already too small when I made it so never got worn... have made this one a lot bigger.  In any case, it's a much stretchier thing as well so should last a while!
It's in Sirdar Supersoft Aran, colourway cargo.  Lovely to knit with and washable.  The buttons were recycled from another cardie.  It's Design D from the  Farmyard Girls and Tractor Boys pattern book, simply called boys ribby hoody. I like the hood and the cable detail on the arms.
Just hope it fits him this time.  Fingers crossed.  It's also his mum's birthday on Monday so have almost finished a Noro Striped Scarf for her.  Only not in Noro but lovely (and much easier on the pocket) King Cole Riot Chunky. This yarn is lovely.  Really soft and yummy and I'm loving the randomness of the stripes and colour combos that are appearing in it.  It's a bit compulsive and addictive which is nice in a scarf as they are normally a bit boring to do!

I'm really pleased with the colours. They are sort of muted and autumnal but still quite striking.  Might just be a repeat project with other colours to see what happens!

This yarn is sooooo squishy and touchy feely.

There is also a girls short sleeve cardigan on the go.  Supposed to be for little friend M who lives across the road but I think I have picked the wrong size and it will be a bit small.  It's in obscenely bright King Cole Wicked so please forgive the following pictures. My camera can't cope with very red stuff.
It IS very bright and colourful and sort of hurts your eyes to look at. I like it though. So there!

Will remind you to put on your sunglasses when the finished item is ready for viewing!

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Sue said...

Wow what wonderful knitting you have been doing. I really like the Farmyard book too and have knit 2 things from it already. I like the red knit at the bottom, cant wait to see it finished.