Sunday, 2 June 2013

Over hill and dale searching for spring

Not posted for a while...blush...must do better.

I have been out and about quite a bit recently. Up in the hills in search of a view and an escape from the indoors working day. Inclement weather didn't prevent a little jolly out to Pendle Hill. It was quite rainy and blustery so we decided to explore the area around and about and it was surprisingly pleasant.
Spooky woodland around Pendle
Interesting shelter... or is it a witch's hut?
You may notice how well wrapped up we all are. I had hat and gloves still on at this point. I was beginning to wonder if winter would ever really end. The prospect of snow was still around and it was pretty darn cold as well. All the usual spring indicators were proving a little elusive. Would it ever be spring? We were seriously beginning to wonder.

The May Day bank holiday arrived and a long weekend was in sight. We decided to redo the Yorkshire Three Peaks walk. The forecast wasn't too bad, the grandparents were happy to take the girls for the day, so we duly set off. Unfortunately, the weather forecast did not prepare us for the unrelenting rain and wind we endured. After completing Penyghent and 3 hours of non-stop rain we were a bit fed up. Had there been any indication of the severity of rain we would not have even set off, or if we had decided to give it a go we would have been in full waterproofs. Once my feet were wet that was it. End of challenge and we trudged back to Horton in Ribblesdale (along with quite a few other equally soggy and fed up hikers!)
Summit of Penyghent in the rain
Then a funny thing happened. Despite avidly searching for spring and finding no sign of it, I was out for a lunchtime stroll and I noticed that the blossom was finally out. On further inspection it became apparent that spring had finally sprung, although it was more like spring had been out on the razz far too late and had quietly snuck back in the wee small hours.  Less of a spring and more of a stealth!
Blossom - at last!
Flower beds blooming - finally!
On the day I took the above photos I was not wearing a coat! Honestly, it was warm enough to be coatless. On the strength of the evidence I had gathered during the week, we decided to visit Spring Wood and see if the bluebells had finally come.
A carpet of bluebells in Spring Wood
The bluebells were indeed out.  Mind you it had got a bit colder and we were still wrapped up somewhat.  Time also for the annual bench shot.

Annual Spring Wood bench photo - gosh the girls are much bigger
than the first time we took this shot!
The original bench shot

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Daisie said...

Life feels so much better now the sun is here!
We haven't ventured to Spring Wood yet, must get our skates on if we're to see the bluebells.
Love the bench shot :)