Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Grizedale Forest

My biggest race so far is coming up. A trail half marathon on the 23rd Feb in Grizedale Forest.

So far I have only run in a couple of 10k races. Rivington in November and then the East Lancashire Hospice 10k race in Great Harwood. Both went ok but it's time to move up a notch.10k is 6.2 miles and the half marathon is a little over double the distance at 13.1 miles. I have been upping my long runs and even managed 21 miles a couple of weeks ago so I am confident that I can get around the course.

The forecast for Sunday was excellent - a promised jewel of a day amid the rainiest winter on record - definitely not to be wasted. A picnic was packed and we headed up to Grizedale forest for a walk and a chance to check out the race route as well. Plus we had just got the girls all kitted out for winter walks so it was about time we road tested it all!
Fully kitted out for winter walking
It was glorious. Sunny and dry with fabulous views of snow topped lakeland peaks.
Fabulous view in Grizedale Forest
Just heavenly
Came across one or two random signs. Amusing but incomprehensible....
There was nothing to look down at - we were on the flat!
Unless it means keep looking at that spectacular view!
Err... your guess is as good as mine
We managed to cut a corner and only did 10 miles instead of the full 13 but I don't think the girls were too upset about that. This was the first long walk in quite a while so there was a fair amount of moaning and complaining going on!

A brilliant day out with awesome views, brilliant weather and a respite from the gloom of January.  Just hope we get similar weather on Sunday for the race. Fingers crossed.

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