Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lakeland 50 - Off to Dalemain

Saturday morning arrived.

It was going to be a hot one.  We were up pretty early and headed to the showers.  There were a couple of portable shower blocks and there was a queue in front of one but not the other.  After enquiring, we found out it was because the hot water had failed and the showers in that block were cold. After waiting for a few minutes, it seemed so silly to be so wussy about a cold shower.  After all we were all about to run 50 miles in searing heat, we'd be begging for a cold shower later.  I pulled up my big girl pants and headed into the empty, cold shower.

It really wasn't that bad! Quite refreshing really.

This got us into the main hall in time to beat the breakfast queues and tuck into yummy bacon butties.  Catering on site was provided by a wonderful bunch of fund raisers called the Frilly Lillies who raise money to help send disabled children on adventure holidays at the Calvert Trust in Kielder.  They were amazing feeding everyone through the entire weekend and all through the night on the Saturday.  They raised £4000 for their charity.

Lots of last minute packing and repacking of race packs was going on.  Bought a new pair of sunglasses as it was promising to be a hot and sunny day. And we were ready (ish)

There was emergency/last minute registration and kit check for the later arrivals and then compulsory briefing for all of the 50 competitors.  Then onto the coaches for the journey to Dalemain House, the start point for the 50 race.

This was it.  It was really happening.

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