Monday, 15 September 2014

Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon

“You gotta beat the clock, you gotta beat the clock” 

That was the plan; to get around the course before my GPS watch conked out. Failing that, anything sub 6 hours was the aim. 

At the Hidden Howgills marathon in May, my watch stopped at 23.93 miles with 5h:49m:03s on the clock with an official finishing time of 6h:20m:05s. 

So how did I get on this time? 

Well, my watch decided to give up the ghost a bit earlier this time and stopped at 24 miles dead with 5h:24m:49s on the clock. My official finishing time was 5h:55m:28s. 

I didn’t beat the clock but I did get my sub 6 hour finish and knocked 25 minutes off my overall finish time. 

Very pleased with that.

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