Thursday, 19 February 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Well long time no blog.....

Well quite a lot has been going on. The run up to the end of term is always a bit hectic and chaotic. Plus there has been one or more birthday parties every week since the beginning of the school year! Honestly, the social lives of the primary kids is such a whirl.

It was also Natty's birthday at the beginning of February - 6 years old - I can't believe how fast it has gone!! Anyhow we had her party at the school hall with an entertainer who was just brilliant! There was balloon modelling, corny magic tricks, punch and judy and party games. Really old fashioned but great fun.

The kids had a whale of a time. 32 of them, all between the age of 3 and 6, and no tears or tantrums.

Half term has arrived and have had a couple of days off work because Nick's brother came to visit with his two kids. Had a lovely day all together and nipped out to lovely Towneley park and then nipped up to look at the wind farm. Then back home to warm up in front of the fire with hot chocolate and biccies. A pleasant chilled out day together. Don't see all that much of them as they live in Norfolk.

Here we are having fun at Towneley. It's a great place all year round. There are proper paths so it doesn't matter if it's been raining. I like the mossy winter green-ness of it. There are lots of interesting nooks and crannies to explore and felled trees to clamber about on.

No-one can resist the urge to stand on those balls outside the visitor centre at the main Hall!

Brr... it was getting a bit chilly up on the moors. The wind farm is soooo big. One of the turbines was turning into the wind and the weird creaking and banging was like a sound effect from Jason and the Argonauts (which we had been watching the day before!)

I'm quite pleased to report that even with all the stuff going on around us there has still been some knitting! Couple of pairs of socks. Lovely Kaffe Fassett regia socks for Nick and some Hedera socks for me in a very bright green Opal Uni. Have cast on a jumper for me in some bargain Paton's Jet too. There you go very productive all things considered!

Hedera Socks for me!

Lovely Kaffe Fassett Colours!

Have also expanded the stash a bit.... ulp!

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