Friday, 17 April 2009

All's Well!

Long time no blog .... again!

Been a bit preoccupied of late really. Had a bit of a funny turn a few weeks ago. Chest pain. Not nice. Thought it was a heart issue. Have family history of this and let's face it I'm 40, carrying a few extra pounds and a smoker too. Got in a bit of a state so went to see the doc. He was great and I have been fully MOT-ed and given a clean bill of health. Hooray!! Feeling so much better about things.

Went to the cardio clinic this morning for a stress test. It's all a bit undignified for us ladies though as they have to have access to your chest to attach all the necessary probes and stuff. This means you are wired up, topless and using a treadmill. Not a pretty sight. I asked them to stop when it got to running speed (no way was I going to do that with my bosoms bouncing around all over the place! Got to draw the line somewhere!!!) Anyhow, all is well. No heart issues, blood pressure normal, cholesterol low. Left with the number of the smoking cessation team.

So what else is new? Well I am now term-time at work. This is fantastic and relieves a lot of the stress and military-style planning that has to go on to sort out childcare during the school hols. There's a pay cut of course but it's worth it I think. Just had a lovely fortnight pottering about at home with the girls and getting out and about.

We've been to Hardcastle Craggs

What a glorious day it was too! Lovely spot with the mill and the craggs to walk around.

We went up to the Lake District to visit my parents who were caravanning near Kendal. The girls had great fun building a den just behind the caravan

We left them with my parents and went for a drive round. Another glorious spring day that really blew us away

We also went for some walks locally including the Coppice - a hill that overlooks the neighbouring town of Accrington. Bit of a blustery day but still good fun. Unfortunately, you can't see the annoyed gothic couple who were rudely interrupted in their canoodling by our arrival!! They are sulking at the other side of the stonework!

My mum took the girls out for the day so we nipped out on the bike for a run out. This was an excellent opportunity to visit the Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop and have a bit of a splurge! Also managed to track down some of the sheep in a field across the road. Gorgeous chocolate coloured ones too. According to the woolshop lady the white ones are indoors at the moment as they are about to lamb. Ahhh....

Aren't they cute!

In between all of this I've also done some knitting!


And a jumper for me


Channon said...

Great photos, and lovely finished objects. You've been a busy knitter!

CatR said...

Chest pain experience sounds stressful, glad it turned out to be OK. And "yay!" for new working schedule. Sounds like a lovely Easter break.