Sunday, 26 April 2009

Oh to be in England, now that April's there.....

Well it's bluebell time again. I'm sure we all have somewhere we call "bluebell woods" nearby but ours is actually called Spring Wood near Whalley and it's a bit of an annual ritual. (2008 & 2007 if you are interested!)

You have to time it just right to catch the bluebells at their best and today was just perfect. A gorgeous sunny morning and nice and early to ensure a spot on the carpark.

It was a sea of blue and there was the lovely mixed smell of bluebells and wild garlic. Heavenly. The girls are really into the Faraway Tree at the moment so we spent ages looking round trying to find it. This was a strong contender;

Until we found a tree that seemed to have a "Slippery Slip". Despite exhaustive searching, no trap door was found but the girls had fun trying it out anyway....

We made our way to the top of the hill and sat on the bench to admire the view... another ritual of the bluebell woods trip is to have this photo taken every time!

On the way back down the hill you pass some open fields full of sheep with their lambs. This group stayed still long enough for a good pic but then we realised it was because the lamb at the front was busy having a long wee!

Finally back on the carpark we all had a 99 ice-cream (need a second mortgage to buy them mind..... the man in the icecream van did have a stripey sweater on and a bag with "swag" written on it!!!)


Channon said...

Absolutely beautiful. Wow the girls are growing up!

Anonymous said...

BLUEBELLS! I saw those plants when driving through Caerphilly yesterday and I was wondering what they were! Your photos look beautiful and it looks like you had a fab day!