Monday, 18 January 2010

Happy New Year

Yes finally, a new post for 2010.

Haven't made any official resolutions but on the list of things I might want to do this year are:
  • Knit from stash and try not to add to it!
  • Knit more for me!
  • Try to walk the girls to school twice a week instead of taking the car (weather needs to improve and first though!)
  • Lose some weight!
But as none of the above are official then it's not the end of the world if they don't come to anything!
Oh remember the meteor sighting?  Well... saw lots more of them on New Year's Eve when we finally realised that they were in fact paper lanterns. Feel slightly silly now!
We had snow. Lots of snow. A white Christmas in fact.
The girls with an impressive snowman
View from the back of the house... like Narnia!

There's been a bit of knitting too but not been very good a taking pictures apart from a couple of novelty hats requested by some colleagues at work.
The Hideous Chistmas Hat!

The Jayne Cobb "Cunning" Hat

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