Thursday, 8 July 2010

Crime, Community and Random Pianos

Well it's been over a week since the burglary and nothing much to report. However, one good thing to come from it is the fact that everyone on the street is just so much chattier. There have been 3 other burglaries recently and people are swapping info and warning each other to be more vigilant. There's been a renewal of interest in a resident's association which can only be a good thing. We've been advised to go with a resident's group rather than a neighbourhood watch because there will be more opportunities to go for funding for other stuff (litter picking, painting the railings, general housekeeping). Anyhow my first meeting will be on the first Tuesday of August and I'm looking forward to it.

Also been hearing a lot of piano playing lately. All a bit strange. So last night wandered down to the leisure centre and sure enough there was a piano sitting outside the front door. Must be some kind of project as apparantly there is one in Burnley Town Centre next to the Mechanics institute. I was kind of relieved really.... thought I was going potty!

Daughter the elder has lost 2 teeth today. Had to nip out for some money.  It's getting quite pricey as they seem to be falling out all the time at the moment! Unfortunately, she managed to lose one of them just before bedtime so there will need to be a nice note from the tooth fairy to console her I think! Sigh... the things we do eh?

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JuicyFig said...

Hi there!

Just found you via Ravelry, and as you live not very far away (I am in Whalley) I thought I would say hi.

Love your blog - sorry to hear about the burglery!