Tuesday, 29 June 2010

CSI Padiham & DWW

Despite the fact that the burglar will probably never be brought to task and we'll probably never get our stuff back I have to say that I am very impressed with the police. We rang them and they said someone would call within the hour which they did. And then at teatime today the CSI chaps came to get some forensic evidence.

They found a footprint and reckon that the thief definitely got in via the window. He must have stood on the window sill and put one leg through the window (it's quite a big window) and leaned down to grab the Wii. Probably only took a couple of minutes.

Still pissed off though.

Got my third lot of DWW today (that's dead woman's wool). A colleague at work sadly just lost his mum and brought me some of her old knitting stuff. Typical acrylic type yarn although some of it isn't too bad and will definitely crochet up into something. However, there were some awesome vintage patterns including a copy of the classic Baldwin and Patons Woolcraft. It's ace. There are lots of interesting patterns from baby things to women's knickers! I love it. I have decided to work my way through it and so have set up a new blog to chart my progress on this undertaking http://woolcraft.wordpress.com. Don't dash over there just yet though as there's nothing to see at the moment. Got a load of emergency school gala knitting and scarecrow making to finish first.  It will be just the woolcraft stuff on there, all my usual wittering will still be here!

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