Monday, 13 September 2010

Doggy Doings

Sally has been rather spoiled lately.

A dog grooming parlour opened in Padiham recently called Shampooch. Now up until now we have trimmed Sally ourselves using some dog clippers. This invariably starts off pleasantly until we get to feet, posterior and ears. Things turn a bit testy then and she always looks a bit wonky by the time we give up. So I decided to book her in for the works.  She had a wash, trip and nail clip. Brilliant.

Also treated her to a new collar from Podgy Paws in Keswick. I can't believe all the stuff you can get for your canine buddies these days. Goretex jackets, life jackets, rucksacks, walking shoes.... the list goes on. Check out their website to see some of these items being modelled!
Sally looking smart with her new hairdo and collar

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pip said...

now that is one smart looking dog ^..^