Monday, 13 September 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

New boots taken using new camera
After all the misery of a dodgy knee it was definitely time for some new boots.  Also got some shock absorbing insoles so it was off for a hill walk to test them out.  The girls needed some new boots too so they had some trying out to do as well. In fact, as I only have teeny tiny feet I've actually got the same kids boots as them!

Off we trotted to Pendle Hill to test them out.
Pendle looking lovely, no sign of mist or witches.

In a fit of nostalgia, Nick ordered some Ron Hill Tracksters for the girls and I must say they did look the business all kitted out for our walk.  Expected a lot of whining and moaning but the boots were a huge success and were no impediment to the usual haring about that they do.
Off-road testing of new boots
Everything seems to be breaking and wearing out at once at the moment. The camera conked out at the weekend which was really annoying as the Tour of Britain cycle race passed through Padiham on Saturday and I really wanted to get some shots. It was dead exciting.  They closed the road and I think just about every single Police motorbike in the county came zooming through followed by a shedload of support vehicles and then the cyclists. Very impressive and exciting. Sadly, not a single photo could be taken to show you. Grr...

Nipped out just before the walk to get a new one. Can't live without taking pics for too long. First time I've ever had a camera with no viewfinder so that is taking a bit of getting used to but I like some of the picture 'modes ' that it has and am having oodles of fun trying them all out.

Other items to conk recently out include the iron, the washing machine, the fan part of the oven (I'm pretty sure the rest of it will go quite soon as well) and the toaster. Sigh...

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