Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Crimewave returns

You may remember that a few months ago some cheeky gits burgled us. Well it's happened again!  In a weird kind of way the thieves have sort of done us a favour. You see the oven was on it's last legs so we recently got a new one. The old one has been sitting in the back yard for about a week - we just haven't got around to taking it to the tip.  Anyhow, after the last burglary we got a webcam with motion detection and fixed it and up until today nothing of any interest ever turned up.

Well apart from this cat burglar, of course
But today, well see for yourself. Two dodgy lads came into the garden and helped themselves to the old oven.

Have contacted the police and passed the images on to them. Apparently, there has been a scrap van going around lately on account of one or two skips in the vicinity. If they'd knocked on the door when we were in we would have gladly given them the oven. Just can't believe the cheek. They've walked around the back, come into our garden and helped themselves. That is just not on! Hope they catch them and throw the book at them!


Channon said...

Oh, that's horrible. Glad you had the camera in operation. What is wrong with people!?

Ruth@VS said...

Good for you!

ColorSlut said...

Very creepy seeing guys out there. What did the police say about it? Did they catch the guys? The cat image is funny though. I wonder what it was looking for? Maybe some free food :)