Saturday, 6 November 2010

Please to remember the 5th November...

Gunpowder, treason and plot.
Bonfire at Clitheroe

Due date for my stepson's baby has long gone. It was due 24th October. Must be all the fireworks but a hospital induction this weekend was narrowly averted and baby O decided to arrive on Bonfire Night (well afternoon actually but night sounds better!!). A healthy baby boy, 7lb13 and the home birth that the parents wanted. What a good do. My prediction totally wrong - I was convinced that they were having a girl.

The bonfire we were going to go to last night was postponed until tonight on account of the rain. So we had to make an emergency trip to the firework shop to pick up something to let off in the back garden as all of us girls were dreadfully disappointed. 5 reasonably decent rockets and some fountains. plus sparklers -you've got to have those. So not too bad on the night after all.

Tonight we changed our minds about the bonfire and went to Clitheroe instead of Higham as it was £10 to go to the one in Higham which is a bit steep. Just a donation of your choice in Clitheroe. Plus we met up with some friends that we haven't seen in ages so that was pretty cool too. Massive bonfire with a guy and impressive fireworks so all in all worth the trip.

Clitheroe Fireworks
There was some additional entertainment too. There is a Norman castle in Cliheroe which is floodlit at night and some cheeky young whippersnappers had discovered that if you stand in just the right spot you can cast a huge shadow on the castle wall. There were all kinds of rude shadows going on which whilst completely immature were also pretty funny.

"Look, they are dancing together again" said the girls. "So they are", said I laughing my socks off.

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