Sunday, 20 March 2011

Cold Turkey

Nick and I have given up smoking.  A spur of the moment decision and cold turkey the selected method.

Day 1 -  Ok. Knew what to expect and the excitement of it all and the positive mindset got me through.

Day 2 - Hmm... pretty spaced out day. Fortunately a weekend day. Lost track of time a bit and was a bit "foggy".  Intermittent sleep too. A few irrational psycho rage outbursts.

Day 3 - Still a bit foggy.  Sleep still intermittent and disturbed.

Milestone 1 - 72 Hours At this point all nicotine is out of your body and the physical withdrawal is over. It's all recovery and psychological stuff from now on in!

Day 4 - 7 A full week at work without smoking. Not as bad as I thought.  Cravings under control and fogginess going.  Sleep still not right.

Day 8-9 Second weekend.  Time back to normal now. Finally sleeping properly. Going great.

Conclusions.  I think this will be the successful attempt because of a few things. We both want to stop so that's a big help. It's just too hard when you live with someone still smoking. Times have changed. It's getting increasingly difficult to be a smoker and the temptations aren't there in the same way these days. It's sooooo expensive.

On the whole it hasn't been that difficult so far. The cravings aren't so much "I want a cigarette so badly" but more of a case of thinking that I'm going to have one and then remembering that I've stopped... just for a moment I'm a bit sad about it. Daft but there you go. It's all over in a minute or two.

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