Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Gloomy Days and Dog Parades

Hmm... it's been 2 weeks since half term already but here's an update on what we all got up to.

Firstly the weather.  As usual it was a typically gloomy and murky February half term.  Of course, we've had some glorious weather since going back to work/school but hey ho - so it goes.

Not really nice enough to venture very far we mainly stuck to nipping to Memorial Park in between downpours.
A rather gloomy Memorial Park

As it turned out, everyone else seemed to have the same idea and it was like a dogs day out.  Looks like we were all seizing the moment and dashing to the park before the rain came down again. We had to avoid this jolly get together as Sally is not the most sociable of dogs and gets a bit apoplectic when just one other dog is nearby. Can you imagine the fuss we'd have with this veritable canine crowd?
Bit of a doggy get together!
What do you mean you think I'm a dog!

We took another path and checked out the bird box.  The girls took part in a bird box making event last year and have decided that this one is absolutely, definitely, without doubt the one that they made. I just agreed and took the photo as instructed!
Could this be the box that the girls made?

That was pretty much the sum of our outdoor forays over half term.  We did go and see Tangled which was great fun and the best Disney film in a long time.

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