Monday, 31 December 2012

Out with the old and in with the new

Well so much for writing a post every day this month. Total fail. It's been a really hectic and full month of stuff. I am glad it's almost over.

So goodbye to 2012.  It wasn't a bad year really. The weather left a lot to be desired but it hasn't been as bad around here as in some places so mustn't grumble.

As usual been thinking about the year ahead and here's what is on my plan.

  1. Knit exclusively from stash (seriously I need to economise and yarn is stashed all over the place in this house)
  2. Declutter (do I really need to hang on to 5 year old knitting mags?)
  3. Rein in my finances and be more frugal
  4. Go to Scotland (this is in hand)
  5. Go to see a show or a concert
  6. Camp more often for odd weekends
January Challenge

Walk 100 miles.  I will walk 100 miles during this month.  Starting tomorrow.  Quite excited about this one.

Still pondering a challenge for February.  Will keep you posted.

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Ruth@VS said...

I'm with you on the stash, plus I have bags and tubs of fleece all over the place. And I need to finish the cotton sweater I didn't finish last summer, but then we didn't have a summer so I didn't need it.