Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pepperpots, mossy socks and alpaca

Almost two weeks into 2013 and I think it's about time I got back to writing a bit more regularly. If nothing else I will have something to look back on. I think maybe I have got to a point in my life where my head is completely full. I can only take new things on board at the expense of something that is already in there! Writing stuff down is a kind of back up system really!

December was very busy and there were lots of things going on for the girls with school and music. There were preparations for Christmas, Christmas itself and then finally the New Year. The weather wasn't up to much and it was very mild but very rainy. We were all a bit stir crazy by the end of the holidays and quite relieved to get back into the normal routine.

There has been some knitting going on. Mostly socks. Nothing new there.
Socks for Father-in-Law made in Regia Ombre Stripes by Kaffe Fassett. Moss colour way
Socks for Sister-in-Law made in TyDy sock yarn. Colourway Magenta moss
I'm rather in love with the sister-in-law socks. I adore the colours and the feel of the yarn is sooooo soft and silky. Struggling a lot to let them go. But let them go I must.....sigh

My mum's birthday is at the beginning of January so we decided to all go out for lunch. As my parents were also getting somewhat stir crazy after being stuck indoors for so long it was arranged to go up to Silverdale for a bit of a walk and then food. It's up in the north west corner of Lancashire and is a favourite spot with us all really. Heading up the motorway it wasn't raining. It was very misty and foggy in places but in between there was a promise of some sunshine. At last! Maybe it would turn out to be a glorious day.

Sadly not. It remained unrelentingly misty and foggy all day. In the end this didn't really matter.  Our walk was quite pleasantly eerie and atmospheric.  We went to Eaves Wood and walked up the hill to see the Pepperpot ( a monument built for Queen Victoria's golden jubilee ). 

Eaves Wood in Silverdale. Misty and mossy.
It was a mix of mist, moss and mud in the woods but a good time was had by all because it is such a lovely place. Has a real enchanted forest feel about it. We reckon there are definitely fairies living there.
Fallen trees make a picture frame
Every now and then you also come across funny little half built shelters. The girls loved these little dens and each one had to be explored and photographed. 
One of the quirky "dens" dotted around the woods
Heading through the woods we were still hopeful that the mist would clear. It's a spectacular view across Morecambe bay on a clear day.
Pepperpot in the mist
Not today though. The Pepperpot looked more like the end of the world than a panoramic view. Oh well.... another time. It's still a slightly bizarre little folly to visit. A flask of hot chocolate and some biscuits later and we were off back down through the woods to have a look at Silverdale Cove.
Looks like a fungi!
The mist stayed with us so there wasn't much of a view on the shoreline either. Time to head off to the Silverdale Hotel for a spot of lunch.
Silverdale Cove
Not far from the cove we came across a pair of alpaca in a field looking super cute.

Dark cheeky alpaca
Lighter shy alpaca
A lovely lunch was enjoyed by us all. We hope for better weather and views next time.

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