Sunday, 24 February 2013

Half Term Happenings

Time really does fly when you are having a good time doesn't it.  I can't believe that the half term holiday is almost done. It only seems like 5 minutes since they broke up for the week. Back to school and work for us all tomorrow.

We have managed to pack quite a bit into the week and still have a good old rest as well.  We have been really lucky with the weather this week.  Although pretty cold at times, it has been really sunny as well, meaning lots of time outdoors.  The girls have been able to play outside properly this week which they love.  They have been in the woods at the back tidying up and organising stuff - also making lots of washing!

There was a very girly day with friends round for tea and a sleepover.  Another glorious day so we decided to head out and about and enjoy the day
Girls just having fun- three of them wearing headgear knitted by me!
Feeling pretty warm in the sunshine - coats were off!
Purple and yellow crocus - a promise of spring on the way?
There was also a trip to MOSI (the Museum Of Science & Industry) in Manchester which was brilliant. Lots of interesting stuff to see there about gas, electricity, sewers, engines, aeroplanes, steam trains and my favourite bit, textiles.  Really interesting and spread over several buildings on the site.  We dashed around like mad things because the girls were on a promise of lunch at Cafe Rouge which they were looking forward to slightly more than the prospect of a look around the museum! It's well worth a visit.
The girls on the steam powered carousel at MOSI
After lunch there was shopping where I got a DRESS! Oh yes, I kid you not, an actual dress. You know, like ladies wear.  I am never out of trousers usually but this dress just called to me and now it's in my wardrobe awaiting some slightly warmer weather to be shown off.  Just need some girly sandals to go with it. I hope the world is ready for this!
New Dress
It's from Fat Face and looks like a 1940s tea dress. Love it's vintage looks.  Just need a floppy hat, a lacy pinny and a cake stand filled with Victoria Sponge to go with it!
Is this what wearing a dress could do for me?

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