Sunday, 3 February 2013

Normality and vertigo

Sigh... I had a lovely week off so it's been a bit of a downer going back to work and normality.  I was quite happy walking, knitting and pottering about thank you very much.  It's a pity I can't find some generous benefactor to pay me for doing just that. Sadly, I have a yarn habit to feed (and bills and stuff) and so must go to work.

The snow disappeared pretty quickly and only a few little spots remain high up on the hills.  I carried on walking and the final stats were as follows

Miles: 121.6
Time:  44 hours 29 minutes 30 seconds
Kcal:  12454

Challenge for February is to follow a couch to 5K running program.  First session tomorrow morning.

Knitting wise, it's been a quieter week because I went back to work and time is short.  Managed to finish off a pair of socks and almost finish a second pair.  The first were some socks in a 6ply by Rico for a family member (very, very late Christmas pressie). Gosh they were a bit of a chore.  Just did not enjoy knitting them for some reason.

Socks of tedium!
The second were a pair that were intended as a gift for someone else but I just loved the jolly colours so much that I decided to keep them just for me!
Colour burst socks for me!
Got a cold coming on.  Very snotty today and lots of sneezing going on.  This is affecting my ears I think because yesterday I woke up with dizziness and felt like the room was spinning.  It was most peculiar but intermittent and I seemed to spend the day lurching around every time I bent over or moved too quickly.  Thankfully, it's not too bad today so I reckon it's tied in with the cold I seem to be getting.

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Hawthorn said...

Not surprised you wanted to hang on to the jolly socks - they look lovely.
Hope you feel better soon x
kate (ex 11am)