Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Some Finished Objects

Stripey socks - in Shoppel Wolle for me! Modelled expertly don't you think! I love them.
My colourful, fraternal stripy socks
Then there was some finishing on a long overdue project.  An AK Traditions doll for little girl. This is actually the third one I have knitted for her. The first two ended up being given away as emergency birthday pressies for her friends so she has been reminding me for ages and ages to finish hers. I have finally finished her. I decided to do the hair a bit differently. It's more like the dolls in Babes in the Wool by Fiona McDonald and I'm quite pleased with it. She has button eyes now but didn't when we did the photoshoot!
I like the big, curly hairdo
Love the stripy stockings
And finally, there were some more socks for little old me. I need them too as all my existing ones are getting a little threadbare and tatty.  Here's a pair in Regia - Kaffe Fassett Mist Landscape colours.  Nice!
Excellently modelled again I thought!
I do like Regia sock yarn

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