Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wild weather and wild walking

Well I don't know what is going on with the weather lately. Just when it was getting nice and I went out one lunchtime WITHOUT A COAT, everything gets turned on it's head and we are back in the throes of winter once more.

Monday started off gloriously sunny and I even had to close the blinds in my office because it was just too bright. Then suddenly the golden glow was gone and this was what I saw from my window.
Blizzard Conditions
A bit of a whiteout, with the snow driving almost sideways past the windows. All the cars were crawling along with headlights on. At lunchtime! Then ten minutes later back to glorious blue skies and sunshine. Another ten minutes went by and the blizzard returned. Most annoying. Stopped me heading out for a trundle as I wasn't suitably attired for the changeable conditions. Grr!

Mind you, I am beginning to get used to all these polar conditions. The girls were off to see Horrible Histories with the grandparents at the weekend so himself and I decided to head for the hills. Ingleborough this time. We are doing all three Yorkshire peaks again prior to having another go at all of them in one go. It looked a tad dull but we were not to be stopped. The weekend before we had had to cancel as the boiler conked out and we spend all day waiting for the boiler man to come (he didn't show until the day after in the end so we were stuck in for no purpose.... Grr again!).

We wrapped up and set off. Took lots of layers, poles and my fabulous and girly pink rucksack. It was cool but not too bad. Looked a bit snowy up top but nothing to worry about.
Heading towards a snowy Ingleborough
In fact, the cool conditions made the walking nice and firm as it was rather frosty. It looked a bit ominous ahead but we pressed on - we are intrepid!
Polar Conditions
As we got higher, it got colder and windier. It was quite tricky going. We almost gave up. You couldn't see much so we had no idea how near the top we were. But we pressed on anyhow and made it! In fact there were other people at the top too so they kindly took a photo for us.

Chilly summit of Ingleborough
Gosh it was cold up there. After a bit of confusion in finding the path back down, visibility was not great up there, we headed back down to Clapham. Even made it back down in time to have a bit of a browse in the lovely Beckside Yarns wool shop in the village.

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