Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ooh! Lots of Goodies

My UK Swap parcel arrived today.

Here's the box with younger daughter getting stuck in straight away

In almost no time at all the contents were visible.... tempting... inviting... mysterious. There were even some special little packages for the girls.

Needless to say no time was wasted. They grabbed their goodies and retreated to a suitable spot to rip away and oooh and ahhh. They got loads of sweeties and a couple of adorable handmade necklaces which they love. Was unable to get a proper photo of them modelling them as they were far too giddy and full of sweeties to stay still long enough!!!

Next came some blissful moments of wrapping ripping..... ah... fab!

And here are the goodies in all their spendor!

There is: a cute sheep that sits with its legs dangling off a shelf, a fab tote bag (much appreciated as I have given up plastic bags recently and never have enough totes - it's also an excuse to fill it with yet more UFOs!), gorgeous scented candles, some lavendar and bergamot bath treats to remind me of France, some sock wool, some hot chocolate, a writing set, treats for the girls, a lovely blue bag the colour of french window shutters, some earl grey tea ( I dug out my special cup and saucer from which I am sipping said tea in an extremely lady like fashion!) and last but not least the all important emergency chocolate bars (just what you need when you lose the ability to count while knitting and then have to rip back!!).

I have been well and truly spoiled and there was also a lovely letter from Ari (aka Knitternatternoo) who tells me there is more to come! I am overwhelmed! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I am now feeling a bit remiss about my own parcel which is not yet sorted. All the knitterly stuff is sorted just the treats to do which I'll be picking up when I am on hols!

Right I need a lie down now.... and maybe a nibble of some emergency chocolate too!!

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Ari said...

Your other bits have still to arrive, but I wanted to get your main parcel to you before you go on hols. Hope you enjoy it all!

Ari. xxx