Friday, 11 July 2008

Race For Life

The Three Mad Cows are now the Three Triumphant Cows!!

Here we are sporting our medals and looking rather hot and sweaty... fuzzy cow fabric doesn't really make the best running gear on a hot day.

The day before the race was appalling weather wise, with thunder and lightning and even hailstones in our neck of the woods. I thought we would end up skating through the mud and getting rather wet on the day but the weather gods smiled on us and it was fine and sunny.. a bit too hot at times.

I am so proud of us. We all finished and I even managed to keep going all the way round - no walking at all. I ran the whole way. Note that I use the term "ran" rather loosely as many of the people walking round were going faster than me!!

You see the three triumphant mad cows above (a bit hot and sweaty too)

Here we all are "in action"

Debs looking cool, calm and collected.

Mantha looking every inch the athlete albeit a freisian one!

And here I am waving merrily on lap one and looking a bit grim on lap two!

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Channon said...

Congrats!! You should be very proud - and did you get a nice foot rub yet?