Friday, 25 July 2008

UK Swap Treasure Hunt

1. Name 3 participants with dogs

Adrienne(Padiham Knitter aka Me), Alicia (Bajanknit), and Shirley (Sqyguy)

2. Name 2 participants who live in Scotland.

Katherine (KathJ) and Linde (Aardvarkentje)

3. Name 2 participants who crochet - post a link to one of their crochet projects for an extra point.

Machelle (Michewishi) and Helen (Flapjack)

4. Name 3 participants who listen to Podcasts.

Alicia (Bajanknits), Caroline(Craftyfox), and Cat (Snailspace)

5. Name 2 participants who have taken part in Tour de Fleece

Sally (Sallyjoy81) and Kaye (Scarlettina)

6. Name a participant with an advert on Ravelry
Not sure about this one so I'm guessing it's Vikki (Viknits)

7. Name 5 participants who like "Staying In"

Shirley (Sqyguy), Fiona (Scarletprincess), Josephine (Josielefay), Angie (Knittynutter), and Gemma (Gemjams)

8. Name the participant who loves "The Flumps"

Claire (Sleepknitting) likes the Flumps

9. Name 3 participants who like herbal tea

Josilefay, Caughtknitting and Danielle (Delle)

10. Name 4 participants who dislike novelty yarn
Caroline (Craftyfox), Claire (Sleepknitting), Jacqui (Tiggerbee), Katherine (KathJ), and Kaye (Scarlettina)

11. Name 3 participants who have children

Adrienne (Padihamknitter), Ari (Knitternatternoo) and Lucy (Bearium)

12. Name 2 participants whose favourite colour is red.

Hannah (Twigletqueen) and Gemma (Gemjams)

13. Name the participant who has grown an artichoke.

Caroline (Craftyfox)

14. Name 2 participants who have knitted lace stoles in the last 6 weeks.

Lucy (Bearium) and Vikki (Viknits)

15. Name 2 participants who loath Big Brother

Ceri (Carpedyem) and Frances (Goldenneedles)

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