Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The never ending size 12 socks

Blimey I really must stop offering to make socks for people before I've found out what size feet they have. I am knitting a pair of UK size 12s for a colleague at work and they are never ending! I feel like I've been knitting them since forever!!

On the second one now though so not long to go and then I can knit something a bit more petite!!

Might do a pair for my younger daughter as she has lovely little feet and it will be a nice quick job too.

Got my winter warmer item to make for the UK swap and then I am free to do whatever I please!

So for 2009 I would like to:

crochet a blanket (a la Bessies Blanket most likely)
Use the stash of Rowan Kid Classic and knit something for me!
Finish off all the sad and lonely bits and bobs that are lying around.
Conquer my fear of lace knitting

But no doubt I will get all enthused about something completely different and will be relating the same resolutions in 2010

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