Sunday, 11 January 2009

UK Swap - Warming Your Head

Ooh ooh... catching up now!

Hats are great fun and a lovely quick knit too! I've fought in Hat Attack twice now (got bumped off quite early on both times but got a couple of lovely hats for my demise which made up for it!)

What is your favourite style of hat?
I love hats! No particular favourite style really. If pushed then I'd have to say earflap hats are my favourites

Do you have a favourite yarn for making hats with?
Wool or other natural fibre works best for me I think. The Hat Attack hat this time was designed using SWTC's Therapi yarn which is lovely and has some sort of jade composite in it along with silk and wool. Having said that the most important thing about yarn for a hat is that it is soft, warm and not itchy so I wouldn't rule anything out.

What hat patterns are in your queue at the moment?
Just had a quick look. I've got a balaclava, an earflap hat and some berets in there at the moment! Anything goes really

Do you have a favourite handmade hat that you (or someone else) has made?
I made the We Call Them Pirates Hat for a little boy and it was brilliant but I forgot to take a photo but it did look like it should have!

I also had fun knitting the Loopy Flapper hat recently. I too love the Woolly Wormhead hat designs

The Fibonacci Sequence Hat that killed me in Hat Attack is a favourite in this household my DH loves it too... it's just soooo cosy! Here's a pic of the Fibonacci hat and a nice red beret that I knitted recently for Natty. We were up Pendle Hill on New Year's Day and it was rather bracing and windswept!

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