Sunday, 11 January 2009

UK Swap - Warming Your Knees

Oops falling a little behind on these at the moment. It's the whole end of Christmas sloth and getting back into being back at work syndrome I reckon. Feeble I know but oh so true!

What has been your favourite finished blanket/lapghan?
Do you have a favourite pattern that you'd like to make in the future?
Do you have a favourite type of yarn for making blankets/lapghans?

I have never knitted a blanket or afghan to my shame. This is because it's such a big project and I have such a small attention span. I do have some lovely old crochet blankets that my Great Aunt Lizzie made and gave me - bless her she was the one who taught me how to knit and crochet many, many years ago. I love them. They are made of acrylic yarn but I've had them forever and they wash and are all saggy and funny shaped and I wouldn't be without them.

There were also lots of lovely little knitted blankets in the NICU when my youngest was there which we all tried to grab first after they had been watched... much nicer than the utilitarian NHS cellular blankets! There weren't enough to have one to keep though which was a shame. Note to self - must pull finger out and do some knitting for the baby unit to rectify the situation!

There are lots of stunning blankets and afghans around but my favorites are:

Color Me
- a crochet blanket that's really original

Love the bright colours and the crayola crayon vibe. It's great!

I also really like the Natural Dye Studio's range of Bessie's Blankets too. There is just something so cosy about crocheted blankets. These blankets are so timeless and are made from the fabulous Dye Studio yarn so really sumptuous and touchable too! Love 'em!

I'm also really like the Lizard Ridge throw. It's just beautiful.

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