Saturday, 19 November 2011

Feeling Better

Well it's been a week of lurgy here.  Girls off school and then bug kindly passed onto me.  Spent almost all of Friday zonked out on the sofa, groaning,  wrapped in crochet blankets.  Too rough to even knit...sigh.

However, all is much better today.  One of our neighbours was clearing out the guttering along the street so we all grabbed brooms and swept up the debris.  It was a real-feel good thing to do.  It's nice and sunny and it only took about 5 or 10 minutes between us.
Ladder up to nicely cleared guttering
Also finally sewed on the button for the Tree Cardigan I made for friend M across the street. Pattern from the lovely Petite Purls website. Very pleased with it and it fits just right.

It's a really nice pattern.  Knitted in one piece from the bottom up.  Only a teeny bit of grafting to do under the arms.  Used Rustic Aran by James C Brett.  A really nice yarn to knit with.  Surprisingly soft - sometimes the "big" balls of aran you can buy are a bit stiff.  Love the colour.  It's kind of greyish, purplish, brownish and should go with lots of stuff.

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scarletti said...

Full understanding and sympathy for the lurgy. Glad to hear you're shrugging it off quickly though.