Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Birthday Bag, Industrial Action and finished items

Well it was my birthday on Tuesday.  Beginning to get to a point in my life where I only take notice of them every 10 years now!  Marking off decades rather than years.  No matter, it was a very nice birthday as it happens.  Out for lunch with my lovely family on Sunday, cards from some dear friends and family and a new bag.

Oh how I love my new bag...

I really, really do....

It's a Cath Kidston oilcloth daybag.  It's great.  Just roomy enough for all of my stuff plus a small knitting project (socks, mitts, that kind of thing). Younger daughter rather likes it too and apparantly I am to leave it to her when I die (also got to leave her my bed!).

Got some money too which I have unashamedly spent on me for once! Got a couple of new tops for work and a big ball of the aran that I used for Little Friend M's cardie to make a gilet for myself.  Gets pretty chilly in my little office and it's nice to have something to slip on when it gets uncomfortable.

I also made Knitcol Hat number 4 - for me this time.  It's lovely and as I have a small noggin it is being modelled admirably by younger daughter.
I'm developing a bit of an addiction to Adriafil Knitcol at the moment. It is just soooooo gorgeous.  The colour combinations are delightful and I don't think there is a single combo that I don't like.  It's merino so is amazingly lovely to squish and is a joy to wear.  Have been out on a cold, dark morning wearing it and it was fab.

Just look at the lovely colours...mmm...
I am also having a bit of a mitten fest at the moment.

This pair was knitted in Stylecraft Life Special DK.  Cast on 52 stitches, alternated 4 rows of knit and 4 rows of purl to make the springy wrists.  Followed guidelines in the "Knitters Handy Book of Patterns" by Ann Budd.  It really is a handy little book too. Highly recommend it.

Today was the national day of action and I took part as did many other public sector workers.  It also very handily coincided with the all day knit and knatter at Pendle Stitches so I showed my solidarity to the cause by sitting in a nice wool shop, crocheting tiny festive stockings and eating some fabulous home made biscuits from Sue's Mum. Thanks they were really delicious and sooo crisp.

December tomorrow.  Where has 2011 gone to already?

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