Saturday, 26 January 2013

Walking, snow fun and some new headgear

Well the snow stuck around tenaciously all week.  It was getting quite thin on the ground but deadly icy in some spots. I spent most of the week in my trusty walking boots.  Carless, as I think I mentioned last time, I have walked everywhere and it's been great.  I walked 38.40 miles in 5 days.  That's an average of almost 8 miles per day.  Really pleased with it.  I have met my 100 miles target and gone past it to 105.26 miles with a few days to go until the end of the month.

It's Saturday today and it's my hanging around waiting for girls to do stuff and big shop day.  It also snowed again last night.  While there is lots and lots of snow it's all a bit sludgy and thawing quickly so horrid to walk on.  Decided to buy a sledge and head off with the girls to the park instead.
Girls trying out the new sledge in the park
It was a glorious sunny afternoon and much too good an opportunity to waste indoors.  We wrapped up and had a ball in the snow.
Getting a push off
There was much shrieking and screaming but all in the best possible way of course.
The girls took turns then soon realised more sledging was to be had if they rode together
Not quite deep enough for a snow angel but enough to attempt it anyway!
As it has been so cold I decided some new headgear was needed.  After a bit of head observing while out and about it seemed that headbands/ear warmers are all the rage so that's what I decided to have a go at.  Used the quick and easy pattern from Village Stitches called the Groovy Girlfriend Earwarmer and ended up making 3 of them.  One each for the girls and one for Littlest Girl's best friend (it's her birthday this week)

Gift version with crochet flower
 I used a James C Brett Chunky yarn and had enough for two headbands.  I didn't want them to be exactly the same so I was really pleased when I went to Stitch and Bitch and came across some huge flower buttons. Just right!  Also got some King Cole Comfort Chunky in a turquoise colour to make a third headband for biggest girl.

Girls in their groovy earwarmers.  Just love the big buttons.
My week off is over and it's back to work and normality on Monday.


Daisie said...

Those huge buttons are amazing!! x

Padiham Knitter said...

They are fab aren't they! Couldn't resist when I saw them at Sheila's Wool Shop.

How are you coping in all this snow?