Friday, 5 December 2008

Hussars, Goodby Mr Chips and fabulous cardigan

Wow! What a week it's been. Firstly there was the weather. Well I am British and it's in my job description to waffle on about the weather!! There was snow, and ice and sadly lots of rain to wash it all away. Chaos ensued - who knows what it would have been like if the forecasts had actually come to pass.

Tuesday was a fun day at work. The King's Royal Hussars were exercising their Freedoms of the Borough and were marching through the town starting from the staff car park. Forgot to take my camera so please excuse the appalling quality of the photos taken on my phone

Here's a big tank

Well come on... how often do you see a large tank parked next to your offices!!

Here's the band leading the way on the march. They were really good and even did a version of Mika's "Grace Kelly" as well as the usual cheery marching music. Brought back memories of when I was in the Accrington Concert Band - just love band music!

Really like their long coats - wouldn't mind one myself! As you can see it's a bit soggy - in fact it hailed like mad when they were drilling and being inspected by the Mayor. Felt really sorry for them.

Here come the Hussars

And here they are again marching off around the borough

It was an enjoyable event which makes you proud to see. Some miserable buggers were wingeing about the cost/pointlessness/archaic value etc of it but they were still all crowding round the windows to watch! Mind you, you couldn't really shout your mouth off when they all had big guns and swords!! I thought it was fab.

One of my colleagues retired today after many years. Sad day will miss his cheery company. Lots of people turned up for his presentation and the leaving do last Friday has already become a legend in it's own stupor!! We all lined up on the stairs to clap him as he left for the last time and many a tear was wiped away. Felt like a scene from Mr Chips.

Finally got a photo of the legendary Elvis cardigan. This was done by a lady at the stitch and bitch and it is awesome. I'm only sorry it's such a crappy photo but nevertheless marvel at it's fabulousness!

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